A Bold and Bright Hollywood Hills House by Envelope


Mixing perforated steel painted Kelly green, an open floor plan, funky skylights and a black-painted concrete panel combination garage/motorcycle shop with dichroic glass doors, one cannot miss the new Hollywood Hills House by Envelope. Read more

The Mud House Once Owned By Steve Martin

Mud House by Roland Coate Jr.

The Mud House by Roland Coate Jr.
This semi-subterranean, poured concrete home constructed in 1974 in Santa Barbara, CA was one of the few homes built by Roland Coate, Jr. whose father, Roland Eli Coate, Sr., was a much better known architect. The home was not considered architecturally significant when first built, but as the years passed, it has become known for being one of the important examples of Modernist concrete architecture (or Brutalism) in California. Read more

The Small But Spectacular Tye River Cabin by Olson Kundig

Small But Spectacular Tye River Cabin

Only 600 square feet of space makes this more like a permanent tent than a cabin, but the Tye River Cabin is as inviting and beautifully designed as once could imagine. The steel, concrete and wood structure, by one of our favorite and frequently blogged about architects, is situated in a dense forest near the Tye River in Skykomish, Washington and connects to the natural environment that surrounds it. Read more

That Incredible House In Westworld’s Season 3 Premiere

the house in westworld season 3 premiere

Note: This post contains spoilers, so do not read on unless you have already seen the episode.
HBO’s Westworld Season 3 premiere episode “Parce Domine” had far fewer viewers* than seasons before but it wasn’t for lack of great locations**. When I recognized the amazing home in the tense opening sequence as Wallace Cunningham’s extraordinary architecture, I couldn’t wait to blog about it. Read more

The Stark House in Singapore by Park & Associates

The Stark House in Singapore by architecture firm Park & Associates, completed in 2018, is situated in a typical Singaporean estate community built in the 1980s. The angular, concrete home is located in an area of interesting albeit seemingly disparate architecture. Within a 1.5km radius, the Stark House is surrounded by other structures of varying purpose and design such as the award-winning redeveloped Changi Prison Complex, Changi Airport with its Jewel, and other industrial and commercial businesses. Read more

Portugal’s Cabo de Vila House by Spaceworkers

Cabo de Vila House in Paredes, Portugal was designed by Spaceworkers as a house for a young couple that wanted a house that didn’t look like a regular house. The location give them the central idea for the project. They wanted a shape that could fill the void left by the valley and at the same time they wanted a new shape to embrace and reflects the surrounding green areas, giving its residents a special perspective on the landscape. Read more

Casa Balint by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos [35+ photos]

Spain’s Fran Silvestre Architects are known for large, modern, monolithic white homes with sparkling turquoise swimming pools. Usually linear or angular, the elliptical Casa Balint is a slight departure from their usual designs. Read more

Max Nunez Architects Ghat House in Chile

The Ghat House max nunez architects IIHIH

Located in Cachagua, in the Valparaíso Region of Chile, the Max Nunez Architects Ghat House (previously known as House Z) is made of concrete, glass and wood. The recently completed 340 m² meter home sits on a 25 degree incline and faces the Pacific Ocean. Read more