Laurie Simmons’ Some New: Portraits With Painted Clothes

Laurie Simmons portraits with body paint are part of the artist/photographer’s third solo exhibition at New York’s Salon 94 Bowery. The show, 2017:The Mess and Some New, features two components: The Mess and Some New. In this post I’m sharing with you the work from the latter – highly pigmented portraits of her children and others embellished with painted on jewelry and clothing. Read more

New Jaw-Dropping Eye Makeup by Tal Peleg

Dali persistence of time eye makeup

It’s been about two years ago now since I introduced you to the work of Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg. Since that time, her skills have only improved. Here’s a look at some of her latest. Read more

Impressive Creativity Inspired by Hokusai’s The Great Wave

inspired by hokusai's the great wave

Hokusai’s Under The Great Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa, better known simply as ‘The Great Wave‘ is the single most famous Japanese color woodblock print in history. Created in the Edo Period, around 1831, the image has been reproduced millions of times in many forms. Read more

Lennette Newell Ani-Human : Photos Combine Man and Beast.

lennette newell photography
above composite by if it’s hip, it’s here

Like several other talented photographers San Francisco-based Lennette Newell has a portfolio with beautiful photos of animals, both domestic and wild. She also has a knack for taking portraits of people with their own pets. But what sets her apart from other typical lifestyle, portrait and animal shooters, is her combining of body paint, humans and animals for a most unusual effect. Read more

Human Motorcycles Made with Body Paint, Naked Women and Little Else.

Human Motorcycles by Trina Merry

These wild ‘human motorcycles’ are the talented creations of body artist Trina Merry. One, the Red Ducati, was a commission for a Japanese entertainment show, the other three – a sport bike, dirt bike and a cruiser- were created for a promotional ad campaign. Here’s a look at the mind-blowing work , photos taken during the shoot and a behind the scenes video. Read more

Natalie Sharp Paints Her Face as Eight Different Album Covers.

Several blogs have featured recent images of Face painter Natalie Sharp’s own visage made up as various music album covers, but none have shown the actual record cover art that inspired the makeup. That said, I’m going to do that for you as well as share close-ups of her impressive face paint. Read more

2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Wearing Nothing But Body Paint.

si swimsuit models in body paint IIHIH

It’s that time of year again. Time for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition – only with body paints instead of real swimsuits. We shouldn’t be surprised that our post on 2013 SI Swimsuit models wearing nothing but body paint is one of our most popular. So of course we’ve got a look at this year’s SI bathing suit models with painted-on swimsuits. Read more

25 Body Art Illusions Done With Acrylic Paint By Hiraku Cho.

Hiraku Cho Body Art Illusions

An illustrator and graphic designer by trade, Tokyo-born artist ???????????? Hiraku Cho, plays with applying acrylic paint directly on the skin, giving the illusion of human forms invaded by technology, fruit and even other humans. Read more