Pierre et Gilles: Factory of Idols At The Philharmonie de Paris

Designed as a musical and visual installation, and curated by Milan Garcin, this exposition at Paris’ Musee de la Musique explores the universe of Pierre & Gilles through an assembly of more than a hundred of their photo-paintings of celebrities and icons, complete with a an online playlist, a host of objects and video documents. Read more

The Emerging Photographic Talent of 21 Year Old Kyle J. Thompson.

kyle thompson photos

Last year I introduced you to the astonishing photographic talent of then 18 year old Alex Stoddard. Well, he’s got some competition in 21 year old Kyle Thompson. Read more

The Impressive Body Art of Michael Rosner and Eye Level Studios.

body art of michael rosnerWhile I had seen a few of these stunning images under the category of photography (by Tim Engle), the true artist here is body painter Michael Rosner. Read more

Cross Dressing Portraits Make A Point In The Men Under The Influence.

“The men under the influence…” is a series of portraits by photographer Jon Uriarte that address the recent change in roles in heterosexual relationships and how those changes have affected men in particular. The project consists of full-length portraits of men wearing the clothes of their girlfriends or wifes, taken in the space shared by the couple.

The photos attempt to capture men’s sense of loss reference, now that women have taken a step forward and have finally come into their own as equal partners.

Below are all of the images from the project.

Carlos wearing Nina’s clothes:

Victor wearing Ana’s clothes:

Santi wearing Sabela’s clothes:

Javi wearing Gabi’s clothes:

Guillermo wearing Beatriz’ clothes:

Nick wearing Reiko’s clothes:

Marcos wearing Lucia’s clothes:

Matias wearing Sarah’s clothes:

Steve wearing Fonlin’s clothes:

Lastly, the photographer himself, wearing Ainara’s clothes:

photos and project description courtesy of Jon Uriarte

A special thanks to Feature Shoot for bringing this project to my attention

Jon Uriarte

In Pieces. Lego Sculptures Blend Into Realistic Photography.

In Pieces Dean West & Nathan Sawaya

‘IN PIECES’ is a multimedia collaboration between brick sculptor Nathan Sawaya and Australian photographer Dean West. The exhibition consists of Lego sculpted pieces by Sawaya seamlessly placed into beautiful photographic environments by West. Both the Chromogenic prints and editions of the sculptures are available for purchase. Read more

Photographer Amy Friend Brings Light, Romance And Mysticism To Vintage Photos in ‘Dare Alle Luce.’

Dare alla Luce by Amy Friend

In her series, Dare alla Luce, photographer Amy Friend alters vintage images by deliberately allowing light to pass through them. Amy says the project aims to return the photographs, and indeed the souls of the subjects, to the atmosphere. Read more

Photographer Alejandro Cartagena Captures Car Poolers In Mexico.

alejandro cartagena carpoolers

The Carpoolers in Mexico is a project by photographer Alejandro Cartagena that takes a peek into the world of flatbed trucks that carry Mexican workers to their jobs. Shown last week at Kopeikin Gallery’s booth at Miami Project (and earlier this summer at the Kopeikin Gallery), the photographs reveal intimate glimpses of laborers in the beds of the trucks, heading to or from the massive, low-quality housing complexes being built close to the country’s border with the U.S. Read more

The Highness Project By Photographer Delphine Diaw Diallo.

The “Highness” project, in the words of its photographer Delphine Diaw Diallo, “starts a new vision in the 21th century which includes mediums of sculpture, design, photography, collages, and music. It is a vision of a new era which gives birth to an evolved future where the audience experiences the gift that is woman. In this, we create a capsule of work that becomes timeless and unbound, a vision for future observers to witness. Indefinite and inevitable, this future will exist…”

Hair/Wig Design by Tresse Agoche , Metalwork/ Jewelry by Soull Ogun and Clothing by Dynasty Presh

See more of Delphine Diaw Diallo’s work here.

You may recognize some of these amazing hairpieces from a shoot by photographer Michael Scott Slosar for an editorial in Vogue Italia called Redressing The Crown