Alex Blas: From Barbie Couture To Figurative Painting

Paintings by Alex Blas

I just recently learned of fashion designer Alex Blas’ paintings. I had no idea he was a figurative painter in addition to designing high-end fashions for both people and Barbie dolls or almost a decade now. But he is. And one whose work you ought to see. Read more

Modern Leisure: New Work from Artist Danny Heller

Eichler With Galaxie, oil on canvas, 30×44,” 2016

Whenever artist Danny Heller exhibits his newest work, I ache to buy all of them. His latest solo show, Modern Leisure, recalls one of the artist’s favorite subjects: a mid-century, post-war, pop culture Southern California suburbia. And I desperately wish I could afford every single piece. Read more

Hyperrealist Painter Mike Dargas Is Dripping With Talent

Mike Dargas 6 IIHIH

We recently saw photos of nudes dripping in honey. Now, stunningly realistic oil paintings by Germany’s Mike Dargas depict a similar subject. Read more

The Work of Pablo Guzman is a Tribute To Art and To Looking At It.

ef88fe069913457a28566effc74ef812above: “Políptico incompleto” Acrílico sobre lienzo, 170 x 170 cm. 2012

When it comes to perusing the work in galleries and museums we are observing, appreciating and sometimes critiquing, the most personal expressions of an artist. In the work of Pablo Guzman, who hails from Medellin, Colombia, we are one step removed –  a voyeur of the voyeur. His work serves not only as a tribute to the art of painting but also to the experience of viewing and contemplating art itself. Read more

Urban L.A. As Seen by Artist John Teirney in 20 Terrific Paintings.

Formosa Café (#3), LA IIHIH
above: John Teirney, Formosa Café (#3), LA, 30″ x 24″, Oil on canvas

I fell in love with John Teirney’s work the minute I saw it. Read more

These Are PAINTINGS And No, I’m Not April Fooling You.

hyper-realistic portraits by Eloy Morales

I thought this would be the perfect post for the first of April, a day when most people are punking, pranking, and just plain joking, because this artwork is pretty hard to believe. But it’s for real. Read more

My Valentine To You: The Evolution Of The Kiss In Art.

the evolution of the kiss in art

Ah, the kiss. The most romantic expression of love and tenderness. You may think that kissing as a subject in fine art is trite or cliche, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been depicted beautifully by many of the world’s most well-known and respected artists. As my Valentine to you, I have rounded up some of the most interesting and iconic expressions of “The Kiss” (Le Baiser, Der Kuss) by established artists over the past 150 years. Read more

A 9′ Tall Tower of 50,000 Wishbones and 20 Other Examples of Wishbone Art For Thanksgiving.

more wishbone art for thanksgiving

Last year I treated my readers to a selection of Wishbone inspired art on Turkey Day. This year I have a new round-up of contemporary art, furniture and other Wishbone items I’d like to share with you in honor of Thanksgiving. Read more