Sunne Light Uses Solar Energy To Let The Sunshine In.

sunne light

Solar power is a science and designer Marjan van Aubel has turned it into a thing of beauty. A suspended window light that brings the glow of a sunset, sunlight or sunrise into your home by harvesting the sun’s energy during the day. Read more

Now You Can Laser Engrave Anywhere With Cubiio

Cubiio compact portable laser engraver

This little DIY gadget is gonna make a lot of home crafters very happy. The Cubiio Compact Portable Laser Engraver can now burn images into wood, leather, food and more as well as cut felt, paper and other materials with this handy tool that fits in your hand. Read more

The Goat Mug For Coffee-Loving Commuters

In 2014 the folks behind Goat Story came up with a unique, horn-shaped GOAT Mug and threw it on Kickstarter. Suddenly, 10,000 coffee addicts went crazy about it, supporting it with almost half a million dollars. Read more

Record Player Made Minimal By Miniot

minimalist analog record player

Wheel is about as minimal a record player as you can imagine. Only the Netherlands’ Miniot imaged it first. The turntable technology is all built into the platter and the functions are controlled by the center stick. Additionally, it can be used horizontally on a table or vertically. Read more

Want That Trump Troll Doll? Read On.

There’s been an image circulating amongst my friends and groups on Facebook that is getting lots of likes, giggles and inquiries. It’s a Troll Doll in President Donald Trump’s image. But it’s not just a photoshop gag, The Trump Troll Doll can soon be a reality with your help. The creator is seeking funding, manufacturers and distribution through Kickstarter. Read more

People People’s Transparent Speaker Now In A Small Size

You may recall the modern pocket watch or the very cool large transparent audio speakers by People People I shared with you way back in 2011. Now the Swedish Industrial Design Agency has launched a new, smaller version of the transparent speaker. Read more

Keep Killing Plants? Pikaplant Products Can Help.

A plant-rich environment is said to be good for you. It removes trace toxins from the air, helps regulate humidity and is actually said to reduce stress. Of course, if you like plants but have a black thumb, you are stressing. That’s where Pikaplant comes in. The Amsterdam based company is here to help with their Jars, Vertical Garden and Tableau. Read more

The Noktuku Living Moss Clock – An Update.

A lot of design blogs were buzzing about the Reindeer Moss Clock concept last year. The wall-mounted clock whose face is covered with real reindeer moss from Norway has changed a bit since then and here’s the latest info. Read more