SFMOMA’s Send Me Answers Questions With Art

SFMOMA's Send Me

The San Francisco MOMA has been flooded with texts that they respond to with an image from the Northern California Museums’ entire collection. “Send Me SFMOMA” is your guide to the art housed in the newly renovated museum. Ask for a color, a subject, a feeling and your text will receive a response with an image from the art collection. Read more

Urban L.A. As Seen by Artist John Teirney in 20 Terrific Paintings.

Formosa Café (#3), LA IIHIH
above: John Teirney, Formosa Café (#3), LA, 30″ x 24″, Oil on canvas

I fell in love with John Teirney’s work the minute I saw it. Read more

My Valentine To You: The Evolution Of The Kiss In Art.

the evolution of the kiss in art

Ah, the kiss. The most romantic expression of love and tenderness. You may think that kissing as a subject in fine art is trite or cliche, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been depicted beautifully by many of the world’s most well-known and respected artists. As my Valentine to you, I have rounded up some of the most interesting and iconic expressions of “The Kiss” (Le Baiser, Der Kuss) by established artists over the past 150 years. Read more

You Thought Packaging Tape Was For Shipping Boxes, But Mark Khaisman Proves Otherwise.

Art made with packaging tape

Artist Mark Khaisman, originally from the Ukraine and now based in Philadelphia, uses packaging tape in a very different manner than you do. Applying layers of 2″ wide translucent and clear packing tape to backlit panels, he uses the play of shadow, depth, shape and color to create images of objects, portraits, patterns or motifs and the re-creation of movie and film noir stills. The results are reminiscent of digitized or pixelated photos, only with a depth and tactile quality that is unique to his work. Read more

A 9′ Tall Tower of 50,000 Wishbones and 20 Other Examples of Wishbone Art For Thanksgiving.

more wishbone art for thanksgiving

Last year I treated my readers to a selection of Wishbone inspired art on Turkey Day. This year I have a new round-up of contemporary art, furniture and other Wishbone items I’d like to share with you in honor of Thanksgiving. Read more

A Sol Lewitt Modern Art Yarmulke For Artsy Fartsy Jews.

Not that it’s on the top of everyone’s shopping list, but it ain’t easy to find an interesting Yarmulke or kippah (the skullcaps that are worn by Orthodox men or other jewish men in synagogue or during prayer). Most of them are the familiar navy blue velvet with metallic stitched stars of David or, if you want to be a rebel, there’s the creepy colored hippie-like crochet ones. Once upon a time Jonathan Adler carried a pretty cool one, but he no longer carries it nor is it sold anywhere else.

But now you can be sporting an original piece of contemporary art by the late Sol Lewitt on your capi (that’s Yiddish for ‘head’).

This four-panel leather kippah features a digital print of the Star of David that is inspired by the ark doors Lewitt designed for the Connecticut synagogue Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedek in 2001.

Lewitt co-designed the Connecticut synagogue with architect Stephen Lloyd and the synagogue tried repeatedly to translate the radiant, geometric design the artist made for the ark doors into the convex form of a yarmulke. When the design was finally achieved it sold out almost instantly and since then there have been six more editions including this one which is the 7th and final.

Each edition varied in trim color and the color of the inside fabric, but all shared the same six-pointed star design, a common motif in the late artist’s work. The 7th edition design features a bright blue trim and a gray interior with the edition details in gold lettering. It is an open edition.

$36, buy it here

Can’t Pay 20k For Jeff Koons and Dom Pérignon’s Balloon Venus? Get The Limited Gift Box Versions Instead.

Jeff Koons and Dom Pérignon

The news broke last June that artist Jeff Koons and Dom Pérignon collaborated on a limited number (650 worldwide) of manually assembled and hand polished champagne holders inspired by Koons’ Balloon Venus. Read more

Photographer Christian Tagliavini And His Unique Paper, Plywood and Cardboard Dressed Portraits.

Christian Tagliavini Dames di Cartone

Recently, artist and photographer Christian Tagliavini completed a stunning series, ‘Cartes’, an artful take on playing cards using models clad in his paper fashions and decorative accessories. Read more