Laguna Beach House for Art Enthusiasts by RDM Architects (and the Art Within)

RDM Architects are the folks behind Temecula’s beautifully designed romantic New Inn, which is a must-see if you’ve not already. In addition to designing for hospitality, they have a portfolio full of stunning homes, one of which is a modern minimalist beach home design that compliments a collection of contemporary art.

Works by Chuck Close, Dean Levin, Dadamaino, Robert Mapplethorpe and Robert Longo
Works by Chuck Close, Robert Mapplethorpe, Robert Longo, Dean Levin, and Dadamaino can be found in the house

Modern Laguna Beach House by RDM Architects

The concrete, steel and glass minimalist modern Laguna Beach house was built to replace an older Southern California Winter home for clients based in Chicago. Having spent a great deal of time in the old property, they were well-informed about the area’s weather dynamics, natural light and reflective properties, which was of great help to the architects in designing the home, which more than pleased the clients when completed.

laguna beach house under stairwell

The 5,320 sf streamlined home captures the expansive views and an abundance of skylights bring in natural light that shows off the contemporary art within.

laguna beach house rdm architects

Dadmaino's Volume works
Two of Italian artist Dadamaino’s paintings sit above the fireplace

laguna beach house living room

Robert Mapplethorpe's 1988 self-portrai
Robert Mapplethorpe’s 1988 self-portrait, photolithograph on gold leaf mounted on paper, hangs in the living room

laguna beach house living

With glass walls everywhere, one can actually see through the house, straight out to the Pacific ocean. Even the front door is a large pivoting wall of steel-framed glass.

entry to laguna beach home

Convex pieces by Dean Levin hang in the entry
A Convex diptych by South African artist and architect Dean Levin hangs in the entry

Outdoor water features greet you upon arrival and their rectangular shape mimics that of the pool and spa in the backyard.

outdoor water feature

lap lane and spa pool at night

master bedroom overlooking pool

luxury beach home

Steel-framed interior glass walls, skylights and a steel staircase highlight a large scroll by Italian artist Eduarda Emilia Maino aka Dadamaino and at the base of the stairs, on the landing, one is also greeted by a framed print by Chuck Close (self-portrait in Yellow Raincoat).

skylights and stairwell

artist Dadamaino and Sein und Zeit scroll
above left: the Dadamaino Sein und Zeit scroll; above right: The artist at work

chuck close art and stairs

Chuck Close, self -portrait print. felt stamps to hand apply oil paints on a silkscreen ground.
Chuck Close Self-Portrait, 2012. Multiples made using felt stamps to hand apply oil paints on a silkscreen ground.
The enclosed office tucked under the stairs has a large contemporary painting we can’t identify, though it reminds us of Tom Wesselmann.

The Kitchen
laguna beach house kitchen

kitchen design

The steel framed pocket doors which close off the kitchen from the dining room have been turned into “art doors’ into which artist Robert Longo’s charcoal drawings from his “Men In The City” series have been inserted.

robert longo art on pocket doors

Robert Longo charcoal drawings
Robert Longo’s charcoal drawings from his “Men In The City

The large steel X-shaped element not only provides support but it doubles as a staircase to the rooftop.

Steel X support and design element

Made of blackened steel, the giant X was a late addition to the design process.

laguna beach house stairs to roof

indoor spa tub

laguna beach house rdm

Minimalist Beach House
Architect: R. Douglas Mansfield
Location: Laguna Beach, California

.24 Acre Lot
5,320 sf Residence

RDM Architects

photos by David Wakely, courtesy of RDM Architects