The Figueras Polo Stables In Argentina Are As Beautiful As The Horses They Hold

Figueras Polo Stables in Argentina

We’d not thought of bringing you horse stables as an example of spectacularly beautiful and functional architecture until we got a look at the Figueras Polo Stables by Estudio Ramos. Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the 3,850 m2 project is truly one of the most elegant projects we’ve ever seen.

Figueras Polo Stables in Argentina

argentina polo stables

Built in the Pampas region of Argentina, an agriculturally ideal area with mild climate and fertile soil, the Figueras Polo Stables make the most of the flat plain on which they sit.

Figueras polo stables wide shot

Figueras polo stables

The aesthetically serene 180 meter long, two-level horizontal building comprises 44 individual horse stalls, work facilities, groom’s quarters, a large water pond, tack room and a pristine polo field that contrasts with a living roof of native grasses.

Figueras polo stables aerial shot2

Figueras polo stables aerial shot

A very special and intimate connection is forged between the horses and the people who train and take care of them. Estudio Ramos’ aim was to design these stables as a space that contains and nurtures that relationship. From the looks of it, they’ve certainly achieved their goal.

Figueras polo stables in Argentina

concrete spiral staircase

The overall look and feel is much like Estudio Ramos’ other beautiful work. A sophisticated mix of concrete and wood, tastefully combining form and function while taking nature and surroundings into consideration.

Figueras polo stables spiral staircase2

Figueras polo stables interior room

polo stables

Figueras polo stables interior detail

Horses are some of the most beautiful creatures on earth whose serene manner is reflected in the design. With its pronounced horizontalism and simplicity of elements, the building of exposed concrete and local hardwoods is designed for low maintenance and ages beautifully.

Figueras polo stables estudio ramos

Figueras polo stables horses in stalls

Covering an area of 3850 square meters, it has two long volumes and freestanding walls, which when articulated, create diverse spaces and situations.

horse stables and polo field

estudio ramos architecture

The floor plan has two parts well distinguished by their functions. One has a more social use and overlooks the polo field, and the other, facing the back of the property, houses work facilities and groom’s quarters.

Figueras polo stables

Figueras polo stables

Figueras polo stables 17

Figueras polo stables tack room detail

The volumes that face the field are partially hidden behind extended walls and massive planted earth slopes, which not only provide privacy to the stables, but also subtly reduce the building’s impact on the landscape. Only the center of the building is revealed, where a large water pond is located next to the covered exterior terraces and the tack room.

Figueras polo stables

Figueras polo stables 2

The roofs are planted with wild native grasses in an intentional contrast to the perfection of the polo field’s turf. The slopes serve as both, access to the roof and as natural stands from which to observe the polo matches.

Figueras polo stables living roof cu

Figueras polo stables architecture

Water, the universal symbol of life, purity and harmony, is used to connect and articulate these spaces, as well as to create a serene atmosphere.

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Estudio Ramos
Figueras Design Group

Project: Figueras Stables
Location: General Rodriguez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Size: 3,850 m2
Status: Built
Partners: Juan Ignacio Ramos & Ignacio Ramos

all images and information courtesy of Estudio Ramos

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Ph: @najtlixstudio