That Incredible House In Westworld’s Season 3 Premiere

the house in westworld season 3 premiere

Note: This post contains spoilers, so do not read on unless you have already seen the episode.
HBO’s Westworld Season 3 premiere episode “Parce Domine” had far fewer viewers* than seasons before but it wasn’t for lack of great locations**. When I recognized the amazing home in the tense opening sequence as Wallace Cunningham’s extraordinary architecture, I couldn’t wait to blog about it.

Unfortunately, most of the opening scene of the HBO sci-fi series is so dark, it’s hard to get a good look at the enormous glass and concrete home that overlooks the ocean on the west coast.

opening scene Westworld season 3
The opening scene in Westworld’s “Parce Domine”

It’s here where we see Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) for the first time since she escaped Westworld. In the dead of night, she’s casually taking a swim in the pool at the home of a wealthy man who’d raped and abused her in the park. Needless to say, she’s there for revenge and gets it. But the high tech home in which this all takes place, with its glass walls and curved pool, are the hero of the scene. Which is why I want to give you a better look.

Screengrabs from Westworld III, season premiere episode:
house in Westworld, season 3 premiere episode

cunningham crescent house

The home in which this scene is filmed is architect Wallace Cunningham’s Crescent House in Encinitas, California. A modern concrete and glass home – with an amazing pool– whose photos I’ve been saving for a post for well over a year. Cunningham’s architecture is no stranger to the movies, his Razor Bluff home in La Jolla was used as Tony Stark’s house and lab in Iron Man.

Wallace Cunningham Crescent House

Wallace Cunningham Crescent House

Wallace Cunningham architecture

Wallace Cunningham Crescent House

circular swimming pool wallace cunningham

concrete architecture

crescent house swimming pool

Wallace Cunningham Crescent House pool

The 6,500 square foot home was built in 2003 and lies off a little street named Neptune Avenue that runs along the bluffs of Southern California. It’s curvalinear shape spreads over a double oceanfront lot in Encinitas.

crescent house Encintas

crescent house on if it's hip, it's here

modern architecture

wallace cunningham swimming pool design

modern residential architecture

wally cunningham house

The four bedroom, five bathroom home was last sold in 2016 for just under $11,100,000.

crescent house interior design

Crescent House Encintas

master bedroom facing pacific ocean

modern master bedroom

fabulous view from bedroom

The master bedroom shown above and the staircase shown below both figure prominently in Westworld’s opening scene of Parce Domine.
metal spiral staircase

crescent house staircase

crescent house kitchen

kitchen concrete island

modern luxury home

Westworld House by Wallace Cunningham

Images courtesy of Wallace Cunningham and

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*Only 901,000 people watched the HBO Westworld Season 3 premiere on live TV, down 57 percent compared to the Season 2 premiere.

**Architect Santiago Calatrava’s la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of Arts and Sciences) in Valenica served as the backdrop for Charlotte Hale’s meeting of the remaining Delos shareholders in the episode as well.