Beauer Expandable Caravans Are Cute and Surprisingly Capacious.

expandable caravans

Beauer, the French recreational transport vehicle company, has a line of caravans (or trailers) that expand to twice and thrice their towing size when parked. The cute mobile vehicles turn into mobile homes for camping, exploring and living. Read more

The Roomoon Suspended Spherical Tent – Glamping In The Trees

Roomoon suspended spherical tent

The Roomoon – a suspended spherical tent by The Hanging Tent Company of Dorset is a round canvas tent with a pine wood floor and a stainless steel frame available in various colors with optional add-ons. Read more

The Lamzac Hangout Inflatable Lounge is Selling Like Pannenkoeken!

Lamzac Hangout Inflatable Lounge

The Netherlands’ Lamzac Hangout inflatable lounge, another ingenious outdoor product from the country that brought us The HotTug, is a portable couch that fills with air in seconds without requiring a pump or your lungs. It’s selling so quickly, they can’t keep them in stock. Read more

The Pendleton Limited Edition Airstream

The Limited Edition Pendleton Airstream

The Pendleton Limited Edition Airstream is a collaborative effort between two of America’s most established brands. The Pendleton lifestyle brand, best known for their Plaid, Striped and American Indian-inspired wool products teamed up with Airstream to design the new trailer in honor of the National Parks Foundation Centennial. Read more

The Hydro Hammock May Even Get A Princess Like Me To Go Camping.

The Hydro Hammock

If you told me I could soak in a warm water-filled hammock while you pitch a tent, clean a fish or scare off a bear, you wouldn’t have to convince me to go camping – the Hyro Hammock would be persuasion enough. Even in the Winter. Read more

Tentsile Tree Tents Take Camping To A New Level

tentsile tree tents IIHIH

If you combined a hammock, a tent and a treehouse, you’d get a Tentsile Tent. Trained architect Alex Shirley-Smith teamed up with product designer and co-inventor Kirk Kirchev, to bring his concept of a portable, three anchor point suspended shelter to reality and Tentsile Tree tents were born. Read more

Little Campers Are The Coolest Tents For Kids You’ve Ever Seen.

Coolest Tents For Kids

A ways back I introduced you to Field Candy’s amazing outdoor camping tents for adults.  Now, Field Candy makes tents for kids! Read more

Good Design For The Great Outdoors: Nest Caravans

Nest caravans
This new stylish compact travel trailer is the brainchild of Robert Johans. After years of experience with both RV designing and camping, he was inspired to create the Nest caravan, a 17′ long and 6’8″ wide, 2000 lb. light-weight, easy to maneuver, monocoque chassis trailer. Read more