The Hydro Hammock May Even Get A Princess Like Me To Go Camping.

If you told me I could soak in a warm water-filled hammock while you pitch a tent, clean a fish or scare off a bear, you wouldn’t have to convince me to go camping – the Hyro Hammock would be persuasion enough. Even in the Winter.

Tentsile Tree Tents Take Camping To A New Level

If you combined a hammock, a tent and a treehouse, you’d get a Tentsile Tent. Trained architect Alex Shirley-Smith teamed up with product designer and co-inventor Kirk Kirchev, to bring his concept of a portable, three anchor point suspended shelter to reality and Tentsile Tree tents were born.

Artist Uses Margaret Thatcher’s Scarves To Create Down Sleeping Bags & Power Vests

“Security Through Obscurity” was the first San Francisco solo show by New Zealand-born artist Simon Denny. Exhibited last year, just as the Pandemic was beginning, the Altman Siegel gallery in San Francisco featured his Sleeping Bags and down-filled “Power Vests” created with scarves acquired from former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, turning the objects into […]

Amber Share’s Subpar Park Posters Are Winning The Internet.

These wonderfully illustrated tongue-in-cheek park posters by Amber Share have been getting so much press, I figured everyone had seen them by now. But the real one-star reviews of US National Parks turned into Subpar Park Posters are so good, and keep coming, that I gave in.

Beauer Expandable Caravans Are Cute and Surprisingly Capacious.

Beauer, the French recreational transport vehicle company, has a line of caravans (or trailers) that expand to twice and thrice their towing size when parked. The cute mobile vehicles turn into mobile homes for camping, exploring and living.

Cabin In The Sky Was Created For Birdwatching And Writing.

Standing 25 feet above the ground, this steel framed cabin combines the look of a treehouse with the cozy wood-clad interior of a modern home and is a the perfect perch for birdwatching and a private sanctuary for writing, which is exactly what the clients wanted.

The Floating Shoal Tent: A Wilderness Waterbed

While it’s hard to top The HotTug when it comes to outdoor water activities, the Shoal Tent comes close. We first saw the floating camping gear while watching CNBC’s The Profit (we heart Marcus Lemonis). Made by Ohio-based fishing gear company SmithFly, the Shoal Tent is a waterproof outdoor tent anchored on an inflatable floating […]

Cleverly Packaged Father’s Day Gifts For Design Savvy Dads

Father’s Day is less than 2 weeks away and if you’ve not yet bought him that tie/toolset/BBQ grill yet, here’s a bunch of cool products, nicely designed and cleverly packaged as gift sets – and they’re available to purchase online via Amazon, so you won’t have any excuse for dropping the Dad ball on June […]