The Roomoon Suspended Spherical Tent – Glamping In The Trees

Roomoon suspended spherical tent

The Roomoon – a suspended spherical tent by The Hanging Tent Company of Dorset is a round canvas tent with a pine wood floor and a stainless steel frame available in various colors with optional add-ons.

Roomoon Suspended Spherical Tent

Inventor Rufus with his Roomoon tent

The brainchild of Rufus “Roo” Martin (shown above and below with his tent) the Roomoon is an outdoor sanctuary suited to everything from overnight camping to an afternoon picnic.

It easily fits a couple comfortably for a romantic hideout:

Or works nicely as a playhouse for children when hung close to the ground.

Roomoon Features

The Canvas

Beautifully hand crafted, the canvas can completely open up, revealing the world to the people inside. lightweight and durable, the canvas will last in all weather.

The Floor
the pine wood floor for the Roomoon

The floor is designed to be as portable as possible and yet equal the standards of the rest of the tent. Made of a lightweight pine for ease of movement, it’s capable of rolling up, making it easy to carry and to store.

roomoon tent 8

The Frame

The frame is made out of strong stainless steel that is weather proofed. It collapses down easily to make the Roomoon a viable option for long camping trips and festivals.

The Hoist

The hoist has its roots in 18th century engineering. Capable of lifting over 1 ton with ease, the user need only run the lightweight pulley chain through their hands to lift the tent up in to the canopies of the trees.

The Moonroom does not come cheap. It is tailor made in Dorset with prices starting at £3500/ $5,106 USD (Prices subject to change).

To build / order your own Roomoon you have the following options and additions:
• tent colour (white, orange, yellow, green, purple, blue or black)
• interior cushion- choice of colour (+£200)
• night lights (+£50)
• 18 meter wide sheepskin rug (+£750)
• a fitted colossal beanbag for the floor (+£150)

Inquire about purchasing by visiting their website or their Facebook page