The Lamzac Hangout Inflatable Lounge is Selling Like Pannenkoeken!

Lamzac Hangout Inflatable Lounge

The Netherlands’ Lamzac Hangout inflatable lounge, another ingenious outdoor product from the country that brought us The HotTug, is a portable couch that fills with air in seconds without requiring a pump or your lungs. It’s selling so quickly, they can’t keep them in stock.

Lamzac Hangout Inflatable Lounge

Lamzac-Hangout-group grasslamzac in use

Made of high quality nylon ripstop, the “Lamzak” (which translated from Dutch means lazy person or lazy inactive bag), is the brainchild of Marijn Oomen, who came up with the concept during a party with friends in 2010.

Lamzac in bag and wornlamzac hangout overhead and profileLamZac_product

The super easy to inflate lounge chair looks a little like a “canoe meets vaginal lips”, surrounding an adult or child in puffy comfort in a matter of seconds.

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Marijn observed that air mattresses were very quick to deflate despite the considerable effort it took to fill them the night before. This inspired him to design a mattress as easy to fill as it is to empty and spawned an idea: What if you could simply catch air in a bag? And then by sitting on it, push the air from the bag, turning into an air lounge that fits your body comfortably?

Marijn_Oomen_op_zijn_beste_ideeabove: Marijn atop an early prototype of his Lamzac Hangout

The early designs and first prototypes for the Lamzac won Marijn recognition in the Netherlands as a finalist on the Dutch TV show (the equivalent of the US’s Shark Tank), “Beste Idee van Nederland” in 2010:

He then started his business, Lamzac, and began selling his instantly inflatable bags on markets throughout the Netherlands. After selling many of his Lamzac “originals” Marijn realized that the design required further fine tuning.

lamzac hangout at beach

This led to the new and improved 2015 Lamzac Hangout. Perfect for the parks, music festivals, the beach, the mountains, and even in the snow:

lamzac in use on grass malelamzac in use on grasslamzac in use beach and mountainsLamzac-Hangout-Instantly-Inflatable-lounge snow

The greatly improved design is proving to be an international sellout. The durable nylon ripstop has a maximum weight resistance of 200kg and although waterproof, it’s not recommended for use on water.

Comfortably fits adults or children:
lamzac on beach 2child on lamzac hangoutAvailable colors:
lamzac hangout colors

Answers to questions you might have (from their website):
Q: What surface can I use the Lamzac Hangout on?
A: Obviously on grass or on the beach (even in high temperatures), but also on smooth concrete or pavement and on pebbles or rocks if they’re not too pointy. If there are some smaller sticks in the grass, for example, the Hangout can handle it as well.

Q: How long does the Lamzac Hangout last on a single fill?
A: After about an afternoon of perfect relaxing on the Hangout, people may top the bag up with a little bit of air, or twist the top of the Hangout downwards one more time to fully repressurize the bag.

Q: Can I sleep on the Hangout overnight?
A: The Lamzac Hangout is designed to last shorter than a whole night on one fill. We’re not trying to replace your insulation mats or air mattresses for nighttime use. We are trying to replace your comfy lounge chair, because that thing is way too bulky to take anywhere.

Q: How do you deflate the Lamzac Hangout?
A: You unclip the opening and roll that back out. Then you take the other side of the Hangout, where the label is attached, and you roll it up towards the opening of the Hangout, with the air flowing out easily from the opening. A few seconds later you’ll have the Hangout rolled up all the way, after which you can fold it in half so it will fit in its carrying pouch.

Q: What’s the maximum load capacity of the Lamzac Hangout?
A: We recommend that you do not put more weight on the bag than 200 kg or 440 lbs. In practice however, we’ve had 6 adult guys sit on a Lamzac Hangout at one time, after which the Hangout was perfectly fine.

Q: Is there a way to secure the inflated Lamzac Hangout so it doesn’t blow away when I’m not on the Hangout and the wind picks up?
A: You can secure the Hangout by either putting your bags or other things on it, or you can use some rope to tie the loop that you created by closing the Hangout to something heavy.

Q: Is the Lamzac Hangout waterproof? Can I use it on water?
A: The Hangout is waterproof and it does float, but we do not recommend you use it on water. The Hangout is not a water safety device.

Q: What is the size and weight of the Lamzac Hangout?
A: The Hangout weighs 1.2 kg (2.7 lbs). The folded dimensions are (diameter x length) 18 cm x 35 cm (7 inch x 13.8 inch). The unfolded dimensions are (length x width) 200 cm x 90 cm (6.5 ft x 3 ft).

Q: What material is the Lamzac Hangout made of?
A: The outside of the Hangout is made of durable, high quality nylon ripstop with a maximum weight resistance of 200kg.


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UPDATE: This product was recently licensed by Fatboy and tons of other companies! Now you can compare all the inflatable hangouts, colors and prices here.