The Hydro Hammock May Even Get A Princess Like Me To Go Camping.

The Hydro Hammock

If you told me I could soak in a warm water-filled hammock while you pitch a tent, clean a fish or scare off a bear, you wouldn’t have to convince me to go camping – the Hyro Hammock would be persuasion enough. Even in the Winter.

The Hydro Hammock

the hydro hammock

While it may not be quite as awesome as the Hot Tug, nor as funky as the Dutch Tub, the Hydro Hammock is yet another unusual way to soak in a warm bath anywhere you’d like.

hydro hammock with portable heater

hydro hammock

hammock that holds heated water

The Hydro Hammock is a sealed synthetic high-tensile-strength fabric hammock to which you can add water from a garden hose or draw it from a stream or lake. A portable heating system in a carrying case keeps the water warm. It’s basically a portable hammock hot tub that can be set up on a stand or suspended, used indoors or out and enjoyed all year around.



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Designed by Benjamin Frederick of Ashland, Oregon, the patent-pending Hydro Hammocks, which are made entirely in Oregon, are more eco-friendly than a traditional hot tub and require less water than a typical bathtub.

HH ben frederick IIHIH
above: Inventor Ben Frederick in his Hydro Hammock

With a slip resistant texture, the shapes are adjustable and are easy to set up either fully or partially suspended.


The Hydro Hammocks can even be inset in the sand to provide you with a quick beach hot tub or splash pool.




The two-tone hammocks (custom color will cost you an additional 20%) can support the weight of 50 gallons of water and two adults, but only need 20 gallons for a good quality bath. You can use it to cool down in the summer or warm up in the winter. Or just take an outdoor bubble bath.


HH bubblebath IIHIH

The Available Products:
Hydro Hammock 1 – The more compact single layer Hydro Hammock is lighter, and fits inside the heater system travel case.
Price: $480 (subject to change)
Hydro Hammock 2 – The Double Layer Hydro Hammock has an insulation pad between these layers and with added water, can function as a waterbed.
Price: $680 (subject to change)
Portable Heating System – The water heater system is portable and meets standard checked baggage requirements (not including the LPG tank.) Electric and Solar heater systems will soon follow.
Price: $1950 v


 Hydro Hammockhydro hammock logo

It’s been fully funded on Kickstarter and they are now taking pre-orders.
You can buy either hammock design and the portable heater system here