Little Campers Are The Coolest Tents For Kids You’ve Ever Seen.

Coolest Tents For Kids

A ways back I introduced you to Field Candy’s amazing outdoor camping tents for adults.  Now, Field Candy makes tents for kids!

boy in woods with rock of ages IIHIH

Created for children and modeled on the traditional teepee with a modern twist. The high performance tents come in 4 solid colors (blue, yellow, red and green) or the amazing following imaginative printed designs.

Blast Off (front and back):
blastoff front IIHIH blastoff back IIHIH
Something Fishy (front and back):
something fishy front (no child) IIHIH
somethingfishy back IIHIH
Clowning Around (front and back):
clownign around front IIHIH
clownign around back IIHIH
Ruffled Featherss (front and back):
ruffled feathers front IIHIH
ruffled feathers back IIHIH
Top of The Pops (front and back):
Top of the Pops front IIHIH
Top of the Pops back IIHIH
Hold Your Horses (front and back):
hold your horses front IIHIH
hold your horses back IIHIH
Rock of Ages (front and back):
rock of ages front IIHIH
rock of ages back IIHIH
Sweet Dreams (front and back):
sweet dreams front IIHIH
sweet dreams back IIHIH
I Love Gorgeous (front and back):
i love gorgeous front IIHIH
i love gorgeous back IIHIH

Solid Colors:
little campers tents solid colors IIHIH

Each Little Campers tent is made with a strong aluminum alloy frame and easy set up poles. The fade-resistant, digitally printed, 100% lightweight polyester tents are waterproof and fire retardent. Each has a small triangular shaped mesh window to give you increased circulation and a zippered vent with a pull that is easy to open and close. Even the carrying bags that come with the tents are beautifully designed.

Carrying Cases
The tents come in beautiful matching carrying cases, such as these:
little campers matching carrying bags IIHIH

When pegged down (Strong and safe plastic pegs are included), they are suitable to be left in the yard all year round or can be lifted inside for an indoor play tent with no need to peg it down. Each tent is extremely durable and made to a high quality standard in Field Candy’s UK factory.

Matching Play Mats:
matching play mats for little campers IIHIH
A matching Little Campers play mat is also available at an additional cost, in several matching colors.

little campers in site IIHIH

Printed tents cost $325 USD and solid tents cost $255 USD, additional playmats cost $150 USD
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