New Jollypops from Product Invention Studio March.

March Brand Jollypops

We’ve covered a few unique lollipops and popsicles on this blog. The beautiful sculptured ones by Nuna, the fun Pop Culture Ice Pops from Stoyn not once, but twice and SchadenFreezers, the world’s most bitter treat on a stick. Now you can add Jollypops to that list.

March Brand Jollypops

March Brand Jollypops

MARCH brand Jollypops come from a product invention studio based in Vilnius, Lithuania that prides themselves on working with innovate materials and technology has launched a line of beautifully packaged flavored lollipops named “Jollypops.”

March Brand Jollypops

Jollypops are unique handmade lollipops first introduced at design and food fairs in 2015. March has updated its packaging, shapes and flavors (they’ve added seven new ones this year to the product line) and the artsy treats are now available for purchase online.

modern popsicle design
very berry jollypop
Banana jollypop
designer popsicles
cool looking lollies
modern lollies
hand made lollipops
food innovation
grapefruit piggy jollypop food design

And one of the first ones which put them on the map, the cinnamon flavored mustache lollipop:
mustache lollipop

Natural color, homemade taste, mouth watering looks. Each jollypop is GMO free, Gluten free, Allergen free, and Vegan friendly.

Where to buy?
The Journal Shop has the largest online collection of Jollypops in all the flavors for purchase. Free delivery within the UK on orders over £10. Worldwide delivery is free when you spend £75 or more.
Shop for them here.

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