Nuna Is One Pretty Popsicle With Branding As Tasty As The Treat.

Nuna popsicle IIHIH

This is what happens when an architect and a designer create a popsicle. You get something whose design exemplifies good taste and that actually tastes good.  At least that is the case with Nuna. A beautiful array of exotic flavored ice pops, comprised of natural ingredients, with equally tasty branding and design.

Nuna Popsicles and Branding

Nuna popsicles IIHIH

Made of all natural ingredients in a variety of fresh flavors and set upon a bamboo stick, the ice pops were formulated by award winning and internationally acclaimed master chef Heiko Antoniewicz. Antoniewicz, who has cooked for the Crown Prince Harald of Norway and Queen Elisabeth II, is a German chef who uses techniques of molecular gastronomy, including sous-vide.

The unique one of a kind geometric form evolved from the minds of architect Manu Kumar and designer Stefan Gandl (who was also responsible for the collateral design for the popsicle).

Nuna Product Design by Kumar & Gandl for Nuna World GmbH


The Nuna Popsicle (designed & assembled in Germany

Nuna profile


Nuna popsicle flavors

Nuna is an extraordinary popsicle that redefines form and taste, as do the promotional pieces and brand book designed by Neubau of Berlin who was responsible for the overall product appearance, corporate image, logo and corporate typeface for the brand.

Let's Nuna. Jackie-O-Bar, 05.07.14 (Berlin)
the Nuna popsicle being enjoyed in Berlin

The Brand Catalogue
The Nuna Brand Catalogue “The Form of Taste” was developed by Stefan Gandl at Neubau (Berlin) for Nuna World in 2009/10.


Nuna brand book cover1 IIHIH

Nuna-BrandCatalogue- with and wo wrap

Some sample spreads:





In 2013, Stefan’s design for Nuna was part of the “Food Project” exhibition — the first extensive food design retrospective — taking place at MART (the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) in Rovereto & Trentino. It was the first time that the original Nuna models were presented to the public. The Exhibition Catalogue “The Shape of Taste” and exhibition posters shown below were seen in the exhibition:

The Shape of Taste, Exhibition Catalogue (with wrap):
Nuna-GoesMART exhibition catalog

Nuna Framed Posters for MART “The Shape of Taste”:

Nuna_MuseumOfModernArt_MART_b_framed copy

‘Nuna — Out of this World’
A video accompanying the weblaunch of – the corporate website of Nuna World, can be seen here.

Video Credits:
Directed & Designed by Stefan Gandl
Audio: Contains excerpts of ‘Pizzicato Polka’ by Johann & Joseph Strauss, Herbert v. Karajan with Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Year: 2013

Nuna Website Credits:
Nuna World corporate website:
Designed by Robert Loeber & Stefan Gandl
Built by Robert Loeber
Project Ref: NB—A/SGRL/14.01
2014, Reels


all information and images courtesy of Nuna and NeuBau Berlin