More Stoyn Pop Culture Ice Cream Pops: Jon Snow, Mark Zuckerberg & 80s Horror Icons.

Stoyn Pop Culture Ice Cream Pops

Stoyn is a multidisciplinary firm with an emphasis on branding, industrial and product design. They received international food and design fame when they launched their Sculptural Ice Cream Project in May 0f 2011.

At that time, I wrote about the project and shared the seven flavored, famous face-shaped ice cream pops they had made with you here.

Stoyn Pop Culture Ice Cream Pops

Stoyn Pop Culture Ice Cream Pops
Game of Thrones’ character Jon Snow is their latest

Since that time, the company has grown, and had several successful collaborations with other brands and designers, several of which included their sculptural ice cream.

The original set of Pop Icon Ice Cream Pops by Stoyn
The original set of Pop Icon Ice Cream Pops by Stoyn

Pop Icons Ice Cream Pops:

Here’s the cool, and I mean that both literally and figuratively, pop culture ice cream products in unique flavors they’ve made since my last post. In addition to their Pop Culture Icons collection (above), they have added some collaborations (with HBO, Facebook, Reebok and The Visual Science and Polytechnic Museum) as well as their 80’s Horror Icons Collection.


Stoyn X Amediateka
jon snow ice cream pop

Meet Jon Snow, the new Stoyn Ice Cream sculpture (wild berries and juniper flavor). Its creation was timed to coincide with the premiere of “Game of Thrones” season 6 finale. The sculptural ice cream was developed in collaboration with Amediateka (HBO’s official representative in Russia).

Stoyn X Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg (who happens to be colorblind) is made with Butterfly pea flowers (Clitoria Ternatea) which give this deep blue color and are used as natural dye. But more important is that Butterfly Pea Flower tea is incredibly helpful in sharpening eyesight and eliminating eye fatigue.

mark zuckerberg popsicle

Reebok x Stoyn
A collaboration between the athletic shoe company and Stoyn resulted in 4 flavored shoe pops.

Bubble Gum:
sneaker ice pops

Creamy Madagascar Vanilla and Delicious Pineapple Ginger Sorbet:

reebok ice cream pops

Visual Science and Polytechnic Museum X Stoyn.
science popsicles

Ice cream pops made from natural juices in the form of viruses and cells were created with Russia’s Polytechnic Museum for the Polytechnic Festival / Expo center last May.

Blood cells and viruses:
blood cells ice cream bars

80’s Horror Icons:

80s horror icons

There was some buzz about these a ways back but they were not yet created. The flavors have changed since initially conceived of and shared on sites like Wired.

Chucky (pumpkin pie with apples, cinnamon and ginger):
chucky the doll

Jason Voorhees (American cookies with walnuts and maple syrup):

jason vorhees popsicle

Freddy Kreuger, Chucky and Pinhead:
horror icons as ice cream bars

If you live in the Moscow area, these can be purchased online (a minimum order of five) here

DELIVERY (Only in Moscow, in dry ice and gift box for free)
Order from 5 pcs, only in Moscow, at a time convenient for you., [email protected]

Stoyn Studio:
Russia’s Stoyn Studio was founded in 2010. Foundation began from numerous guerrilla marketing campaign and advertising concepts. Now Stoyn is a multidisciplinary firm with an emphasis on branding, industrial and product design in addition to collaborating with other brands and designers.

Learn more about the first round of Pop Culture Ice Cream pops by Stoyn

ice cream pops of celebs