New Jollypops from Product Invention Studio March.

We’ve covered a few unique lollipops and popsicles on this blog. The beautiful sculptured ones by Nuna, the fun Pop Culture Ice Pops from Stoyn not once, but twice and SchadenFreezers, the world’s most bitter treat on a stick. Now you can add Jollypops to that list. Read more

Nuna Is One Pretty Popsicle With Branding As Tasty As The Treat.

Nuna popsicle IIHIH

This is what happens when an architect and a designer create a popsicle. You get something whose design exemplifies good taste and that actually tastes good.  At least that is the case with Nuna. A beautiful array of exotic flavored ice pops, comprised of natural ingredients, with equally tasty branding and design. Read more