Matzo Madness from Balls to Dolls

Matzo novelties

Matzo (also referred to as matza or matzah) is an unleavened flatbread that is part of Jewish cuisine and forms an integral element of the Passover festival. “The bread of affliction” has numerous explanations behind its symbolism, one of which is historical: Passover is a commemoration of the exodus from Egypt. Over time (in this case, we’re talkin’ centuries), matzo and matzoballs have become a pop culture icon and are now available as numerous novelty items.

Matzo Novelties and Products

Jews are not known for their Judaica-related products. There’s usually a small selection of poorly designed religious parapernalia and tchotchkes, with the possible exception of the menorah and mezuzah. I have found some of the most hilarious Passover products and Mazto-inspired items that would make wonderful gifts for your Passover Seder Hostess. And break up some of the monotony of the ceremonial Haggadah reading as we all wait hungrily for our food.

Matza Ballin’ shirt available in multiple sizes and colors here

I know we’re only 2 days from Passover, but remember, the holiday spans seven days (or eight days depending upon whether you are Reform, Conservative or Hasidic)

My favorite has got to be the Matzahball Kitchen Timer. A large matzoball atop a stack of matzohs. The timer will go from zero to 60 minutes. Just turn the matzah ball and you’re set to go. Stands at 3″ x 3″ x 3.5″
matzah ball kitchen timer
buy it here

Ceramic Matzah Ball Salt & Pepper Shakers by RiteLite
matzah ball Salt and pepper shakers
buy them here

Ceramic Matzah Ball Salt & Pepper Shakers by Zion Judaica

buy them here

Matzo Mug
matzoh mug
buy it here

Matzah Apron, Potholder and Oven Mitt Set
Matzo patterned apron and hot pads
buy it here

Matzo Oven Mitt
Matzah Oven Mitt
buy it here

Matzo Dish Towel / Tea Towel, 11″x18″
Matzo tea towel
buy it here

Matzo Placemat
placemats for Passover
buy them here

Matzo Coasters (set of four)
matzah coasters
buy them here

Matzo Boxer Briefs
matzah boxer briefs
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Too Loud makes tons more Matzo-patterned products ranging from Water bottles to tank tops. Find more Too Loud Matzo Products here

Genuine Matzah Ball Kit (a rubber bouncing matzo ball)
matzah ball bouncing ball
buy it here

The Original Inflatable Matzah Ball
inflatable matzah ball
buy it here

Passover Matzah Inflatable Ball
matzah ball beach ball
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Matzah Throw Pillow
matzo throw pillow
buy it here

Matzah Stress Balls

buy a pack of 12 here
buy them individually here

Matzah Case for Apple iPhone 7
Matzah iphone cover
buy it here
see more Matzo cases for all types of mobile phones here

Windup Walking Matzah Ball
wind up walking matzah ball
buy it here

Matzah Man Doll (Sings and Dances)
Matzah Man Doll
buy him here
or here

Matzah Wall Clock
matzah wall clock
buy it here

Matzah Switchplates and Outlet covers
matzah outlet covers
buy the switchplate cover here
buy the outlet cover here

Double-sided printed Matzo T-Shirt
All-over print Matzah tee
buy it here (women’s and junior sizes available too)

Passover 2017 will begin in the evening of Monday, April 10 and ends in the evening of Tuesday, April 18

This post is dedicated to my father who nicknamed me Matzoball as a child and continues to call me that to this day.