The World’s Coolest Man Cave. And It’s A Treehouse.

Man Cave Treehouse

Along with many other design fetishes (swimming pools, aquariums and miniatures to name a few), I have a thing for treehouses. And this astonishing treehouse created as an arboreal Man Cave in Malikoff, Texas by Pete Nelson and his crew will have any man (or woman) drooling with envy.

Man Cave Treehouse

Man Cave Treehouse

If I could afford to have one of these built for my dad for Father’s Day, I would. But since I can’t, he’ll just have to make do with reading my blog instead (Sorry Dad).

Recently featured on Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters, the Man Cave Treehouse is almost 1,000 square feet.  It’s always hard to find stills of the creations featured on the cable tv show, but by viewing all the footage, I was able to grab and create 25 still photos for you that you won’t find anywhere else.

Man Cave Treehouse

First off, this is the most expensive tree house they’ve built yet on the program. Weighing in at 24,000 pounds and situated 18 feet off the ground in some sturdy Texas Oaks, it is a fully equipped, beautifully outfitted serious sanctuary. The two-story tree house has a wraparound porch, a crows nest, a living room, a full bath (with hot and cold running water), a full kitchen, and sleeps five.

luxury treehouses

Tree houses

The Man Cave Treehouse was commissioned by The Page family of Malikoff, Texas. Bobby, who is surrounded by beautiful women (his wife Marty and three daughters), wanted a place for himself and his first grandson, Colbert, to take refuge.

The Page family of Malikoff


The expansive living room has vaulted ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and a hydraulic-operated remote-controlled flat screen tv that is hidden inside a leather chest. There’s even a large humidor complete with  watch winders (apparently client Bobby Page is a watch collector).

tree house interior

robert nelson treehouse

tree house interio decor

The television is hidden inside a leather chest and is remote controlled to hydraulically lift up and down:
hidden tv in treehouse

The humidor:
cigar humidor

Inside the humidor are the watch winders:
watch winders in the humidor

The bathroom is on the bottom floor just off the living room and has both a shower and toilet, complete with a water heater.
copper sink

treehouse bathroom

shower in treehouse

treehouse full bath

The kitchen has stone covered walls, a wine cooler, microwave, sink, refrigerator and a small dining area.
treehouse kitchen

The upstairs loft has three twin beds, a queen sized bed and macho/outdoorsy details like an antler chandelier.

tree house loft

tree house design

luxury tree houses

custom treehouses

Antler chandelier

But that’s just the interior.


Outside the huge deck is a manly cook’s dream. A wood-burning barbecue/oven-smoker-grill can smoke ribs, cook a pizza and barbeque a chicken.

treehouse deck

Circle J Fabrication, a family-owned company based in White Settlement, contributed the wood-burning barbecue oven-smoker-grill, a custom iron chandelier in the living area and a sconce over the front door that boasts the lake house property’s name, B Calm, an acronym based on each family member’s first name.

Circle J Fabrication smoker

Circle J Fabrication

To defend the fort, there are super soaker water guns mounted on the railing of the crow’s nest which you access by walking across a suspension bridge.

suspension bridge to treehouse

Nelson tree house builders

tree house for dad

And a giant corkscrew slide is one way you can exit the Man Cave:
treehouse with corkscrew slide

There’s also hammocks and a fire pit down below around which people can gather.

slate stone patio

What more could you want?

photos and videos courtesy of Animal Planet/Treehouse Masters, some additional photos courtesy of the Dallas News