Damn, Look What You Get When Aston Martin Designs A House!

Sylvan Rock by Aston Martin

Sylvan Rock is the first of its kind. A micro compound luxury residential real estate development created by S3 Architecture and the first private residential estate designed by Aston Martin. Together they present this single-family home available for purchase with an asking price of $7.7 million. The new residential home in New York is a sophisticated and stylish 8,430 sq.ft. modernist structure that includes all the luxuries one might expect and then some. Read more

Baumraum Green Dwelling Has Bonus Tree House

baumraum green dwelling and tree house

Baumraum, best known for their architecturally impressive tree houses, has completed their first full size home which also includes, to no surprise, a fabulous Tree House on the grounds. Read more

Cabin In The Sky Was Created For Birdwatching And Writing.

Standing 25 feet above the ground, this steel framed cabin combines the look of a treehouse with the cozy wood-clad interior of a modern home and is a the perfect perch for birdwatching and a private sanctuary for writing, which is exactly what the clients wanted. Read more

The Garden’s Jewel: A Sculpturally Embellished Tree House

The Garden’s Jewel is an organically shaped pod nestled in the heart of a tree that provides a small but sophisticated sanctuary and is embellished with welded steel ornaments. Read more

Sophisticated Modern Treehouse by Antony Gibbon

Located just outside the town of Woodstock, less than two hours drive from New York City, designer Antony Gibbon who’s known for his unusual treehouse concepts has designed this sophisticated modern geometric treehouse. Read more

The Sustainability Treehouse by Mithun Is 5 Stories of Engaging Education

The Sustainability Treehouse by Mithun architects for The Boy Scouts of America is a five story, 5,805 square foot structure that stands 125 feet high on a 10,000-acre reserve. Read more

Like a Tree House For Jesus, A Chapel On Stilts.

Residencial Capela Joá

The Residencial Capela Joá by Bernardes Arquitetura appears like a religious tree house. Built on stilts and suspended above the affluent Joá neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, the chapel’s rectangular glass structure emanates a mystical orange glow from between the branches of its tropical surroundings. Read more

The World’s Coolest Man Cave. And It’s A Treehouse.

Man Cave Treehouse

Along with many other design fetishes (swimming pools, aquariums and miniatures to name a few), I have a thing for treehouses. And this astonishing treehouse created as an arboreal Man Cave in Malikoff, Texas by Pete Nelson and his crew will have any man (or woman) drooling with envy. Read more