Spectacular Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Treehouse

FLW-Inspired Treehouse

You may recall the awesome Treehouse Brewery or the World’s Coolest Man Cave Treehouse we shared with you a ways back. Yet another one by the same builders is this three level Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Treehouse among the oak trees in Cadiz, Kentucky. Read more

The World’s Coolest Man Cave. And It’s A Treehouse.

Man Cave Treehouse

Along with many other design fetishes (swimming pools, aquariums and miniatures to name a few), I have a thing for treehouses. And this astonishing treehouse created as an arboreal Man Cave in Malikoff, Texas by Pete Nelson and his crew will have any man (or woman) drooling with envy. Read more

It’s a Treehouse. It’s a Brewery. It’s The Treehouse Brewing Company.

Brewery in a treehouse

The other night I was watching Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet and caught an episode where Pete Nelson and his crew from Nelson Treehouse and Supply were constructing a 200 foot treehouse that would function as a brewery tasting site for the craft-beer loving folks who own The Mohican Cabins and The Grand Barn, a popular wedding venue in Ohio. Read more