Gorjue Lipsticks: Food Inspired Makeup and Miniatures in One.

gorjue lipsticks

Hungry for a good beauty product? The brainchild of a NY-based Mother Daughter duo, Gorjue lipsticks will satisfy your appetite for makeup, food and all things creative in one adorable and affordable package. The seriously good looking palette of lip colors, inspired by various foods, have tube designs that brilliantly includes Japanese food miniatures. Read more

Flowers Wearing Little Face Masks Are What We Need Right Now.

Flowers Wearing Little Face Masks

I’m tired. And I bet you are, too. It’s been a very difficult year for people on this planet and in this country in particular. Record numbers of deaths from the Coronavirus Pandemic, losing Kobe Bryant to tragedy, polarizing politics, ongoing earthquakes, immigrating Murder Hornets and more. But the last few days have been extra rough with the latest racially-motivated incidents and the unjustified murder of George Floyd. Although we don’t have a solution, we DO have these adorable photos of real flowers donning tiny, tailor-made face masks for you. Maybe it will take a tiny bit of the edge off for you. Maybe. Read more

Tiny Dreamscapes Atop Coin Purses

Kendal Murray Coin Purse Assemblages

A few years ago we introduced you to the work of assemblage artist Kendal Murray in which we featured her miniature worlds created within compact purse mirrors. Today we share with you more of her physical representations of the human psychological experience created on a miniature scale, only this time they are constructed atop coin purses. Read more

DWR 16th Cork Chair Contest Winners (and 24 Great Submissions)

For the past 16 years, high-end furniture store Design Within Reach has held an annual cork chair contest. To enter one has to create a miniature chair using only the foil, label, cage and cork from no more than two champagne bottles. This year’s DWR 16th Cork Chair Contest Winners have just been announced and here they are are along with 24 terrific submissions that caught our eye!   Read more

Celebrate National Lazy Day With Gudetama: Japan’s Adorable Lazy Egg

Gudetama: Japan's Adorable Lazy Egg

When it comes to trends, Sanrio’s Gudetama, introduced in 2013 and based on an egg lacking in “spunk”, is on fire at the moment. Given that today is technically National Lazy Day, I thought it might be a good time to introduce you to the Master of Meh. Read more

The Intricate Handcrafted Sets from Isle of Dogs

London’s The Store X and Fox Searchlight Pictures presented an exclusive exhibition of the intricately designed, hand crafted puppets and sets from Isle of Dogs, Wes Anderson’s latest film, last month. Read more

Amazing Custom Mid-century Modern Dollhouses by Interior Designers

You came here to see a really awesome post whose photos I had to remove. Nothing sucks more for a blogger than to disappoint their readers and I’m so sorry. In trying to share some really cool creative stuff with you (the intent of this blog), I unknowingly violated copyright laws set forth by the publication which brought the story to my attention. Read more

The Miniature Life Calendar 2018 Is Here

Tanaka Tatsuya Miniature Life Calendar 2018

Tatsuya Tanaka is part miniature photographer and part writer. Born in Kumamoto in 1981, his miniature life photo collections have been published in multiple books and yearly calendars since 2011. Read more