A Close Look At Norway’s New Submerged Restaurant Under

A new half-submerged restaurant off the coast of Norway by Snøhetta architects has caught the eye of every design publication this week. Under is contained within a 34-meter monolith that leans one end on the shoreline and the other 5 meters below the water’s surface on the seabed. And not only do we have a look at the architecture for you, but also the interior design and details, the Head Chef and the food, the marine life and more. Read more

Waterscape. Haruka Misawa’s Artsy Aquarium Exhibit.

Waterscapes aquarium exhibit

Former Nendo alum and the present creative director of Japanese retail company Muji, Haruka Misawa has designed the Waterscape Aquarium Exhibit, a series of small architectural and artsy aquariums for fish, turtles and plant life held at his Misawa Design Institute. Read more

Beautiful Bags of Blown Glass by Anne Donzé and Vincent Chagnon.

Blown glass bags Anne Donze Vincent Chagnon

A collaboration between jewelry and glass designer Anne Donzé and glass artist Vincent Chagnon brings us “Déballe ton sac” (Unpack your bag), a collection of unusual blown glass pieces each of which incorporates their individual talents. Read more

A Revolving Fish Tank. The Flying Fish Bowl by Raw Edges.

revolving fish tank

Created by Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay of Raw Edges Design Studio, the Flying Fish Bowl is a donut-shaped wall mounted fish tank that actually revolves leaving the water at the bottom as the environment for the fish changes within. Read more

Furniture Made from Old Mine Shells Will Blow You Away.

Mine furniture hero IIHH

Estonian artist Mati Karmin designs and crafts custom furniture from old Russian deep sea mines and sells them under the name MARINEMINE. Read more

The Ocean Kitchen By Robert Kolenik Eco Chic Design


Dutch designer Robert Kolenik specializes in eco chic.  His Amsterdam-based design firm incorporates nature and environmentally friendly products in their luxurious interior designs. The Ocean kitchen is his latest example of functional design coexisting with living nature. Read more

The DUPLEX Aquarium Birdcage In A Limited New Edition

Duplex Aquarium Birdcage

A few years back, every design blog was sharing the Duplex, a conceptual design that combined an aquarium with a birdcage by Constance Guisset.  Now, in a new, updated edition, the Duplex  Aquarium Birdcage Version 2 has been produced in a limited number of 8 by Specimen Editions. Read more

The Lovefish Tank by Dean Zeus Coleman (and How It Was Made).

The Lovefish Tank

Artist Dean ‘Zeus’ Coleman likes to create unusual fish tanks* as well as compelling 3D Graffiti sculptures and other wonderful fine art. His latest is the Lovefish, a tank made of heated and curved glass pieces that literally spell out the word LOVE. Read more