Hidden House In The Mountains Harvests Solar Energy

House In The Mountains

It’s almost impossible to see from the road but this large private residence and guest house in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, with its living roof and sunken courtyard, smartly utilizes solar energy, reducing fossil fuel usage by over 60% as well as energy costs. Read more

TERA : 3D Printed Sustainable Pods To Call Home Here on Earth

TERA 3D Printed Sustainable Pods

You might have read about New York City-based architecture firm Al SpaceFactory and their MARSHA, a 3D-printed habitat designed for life on Mars and winner of the $2.25 million prize purse from NASA’s 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge back in 2015. Now, they’ve designed the TERA, a sustainable 3D-printed pod in which you can live in here on Earth. Read more

Villa Nemes: Sustainable & Spectacular Home in Italy

Located on a hillside in Liguria, Italy, lies a modern stone villa with swimming pool overlooking the Gulf of Imperia. The 200sqm family home by Giordano Hadamik Architects was built with by natural stone retrieved from excavation on site. Read more

Concrete Sustainable Prefab: KODA by Kodasema

Koda prefab Loft

The Concrete Sustainable Prefab: KODA by Kodasema can be used as a garden home, a guest house, a place of learning, a hotel, a party house or a retail store. The prefab structure is designed to be relocated and repurposed infinite times. With a fully equipped kitchen and bath, the wood lined interior, concrete exterior home sleeps two and can be delivered all-in-one via trailer in one piece. Read more

Stunning Kentfield Residence by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects

Kentfield Residence by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

Designed by San Francisco based Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects, this private residence in Kentfield combines style with a sensitivity to the environment. Read more

The Outpost by Studio Jones Is 4,000 Square Feet of Desert Paradise

The Outpost by Studio Jones

Architect Eddie Jones and his “family”, Jones Studio, Inc, are known for their beautiful commercial and residential residences predominantly in America’s Southwest. The Outpost, a private residence in Arizona’s Paradise Valley, is a collection of rectangular pods designed to selectively use energy while visually relating to the surrounding landscape. Read more

The Haven Home and Boathouse are Sustainable and Spectacular.

Haven home and boathouse

The Haven by LSI Architects and architect Michael Barclay is an award-winning four bedroom, sustainable, timber and glass ‘legacy house’ and boathouse that benefit both the family for whom they were designed and the environment. Read more

A House That Generates Enough Energy Surplus To Power An Electric Car Year-round.

The ZEB Pilot House by Snøhetta

The ZEB Pilot House by Snøhetta has received honors for its sustainable design. Also known as the Plus House Larvik, it was recently announced as the winner of WAN Sustainable Buildings 2015 Award. Read more