Concrete Sustainable Prefab: KODA by Kodasema

Koda prefab Loft

The Concrete Sustainable Prefab: KODA by Kodasema can be used as a garden home, a guest house, a place of learning, a hotel, a party house or a retail store. The prefab structure is designed to be relocated and repurposed infinite times. With a fully equipped kitchen and bath, the wood lined interior, concrete exterior home sleeps two and can be delivered all-in-one via trailer in one piece.

Concrete Sustainable Prefab: KODA by Kodasema

koda prefab

The following text is courtesy of Kodasema:
KODA will move with you wherever your ideas, career and life take you. No need for a foundation, no finishing works after the delivery. Turn key in a day.

prefab loft

koda loft dimensions

Healthy Indoor Climate
loft by Kodasema

People spend about 90% of their life indoors. Your well-being and performance are directly dependant on the conditions provided by buildings. We’ve created an oases of health.

prefab interior

A lot of natural light, minimized external noise, filters to catch the city dust and allergens, natural and non-toxic finishing materials, built-in adjustable LED lights, and controlled CO2 level supporting bright brainwork and good nights rest.

56 square foot sleeping area for two on the mezzanine
173 square foot living room with a 3.5 meter ceiling height

The house feels twice as big from the inside and accommodates all necessities for smart living and working. KODA creates more time, space and energy.

koda prefab house
33 square foot bathroom with toilet and shower

koda interior

Fully equipped kitchen with range and dishwasher

prefab living

prefab living

Smart Technology
smart tech prefab

Seamless and comfortable – climate control takes care of the temperature and CO2 levels, digital door lock with RFID entry system lets your guests in without the key, built-in LED lightning indoors and programmable facade lighting are easy to control.

Programmable façade lighting

Smart heating, cooling and power systems are neatly concealed within the walls.

Eco Friendly
eco-friendly prefab

KODA is designed to be long-lasting and sustainable.

sustainable living

Reversing the waste of energy was our starting point. With solar panels on the roof, the high thermal isolation value of VIP insulation (U-value of 0.1 W/m²K) KODA is a plus energy house.

solar powered prefab

the koda loft

The concrete we’ve developed exceeds the compressive strength of commonly used concrete more than three times, it is waterproof, UV-radiation, all-weather-proof and maintenance free.

Creating a KODA doesn’t require extensive work of heavy machinery, digging and laying foundations, and at the end of its life, components can be disassembled and reused easily.

koda by kodesema

Oh, and KODA needs just 9 m3 (318 ft3) of concrete – that is less than a “normal” house uses for foundation.

KODA demo prefabs in Estonia
KODA demo prefabs in Estonia

– The yield of renting out KODA houses starts from 10% a year.
– Access unused central plots and developmental land with temporary building permits.
– The houses are manufactured off site with the highest standard in building.
– Excellent insulation and air tightness result in minimal running costs.
– Sell the houses in the after-market like cars or relocate your micro village at will.
– All-in-one delivery and installation.

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info and images by Paul Kuimet, Mairi Hüüdma and Tõnu Tunnel, courtesy of Kodasema