The Outpost by Studio Jones Is 4,000 Square Feet of Desert Paradise

The Outpost by Studio Jones

Architect Eddie Jones and his “family”, Jones Studio, Inc, are known for their beautiful commercial and residential residences predominantly in America’s Southwest. The Outpost, a private residence in Arizona’s Paradise Valley, is a collection of rectangular pods designed to selectively use energy while visually relating to the surrounding landscape.

Creating buildings that combine cutting edge design, unique use of materials and environmental sensitivity, his structures represent his core philosophy of integrating the future with current living and working needs to result in sustainable design that is both beautiful and a solution for better living.

The Outpost by Jones Studio

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In the architect’s words:
The site slopes in three directions; it is a desert knoll. Linear forms, assuming they are long enough, will inherently emphasize the shape of the landscape by contrasting a level parapet with the sloping topography. The home is a simple collection of rectangular pods linked by a covered exterior path. Each pod can be turned on or off – living, sleeping or working. This perspective on using energy only when needed is underscored with a 13.7 kW rooftop photovoltaic array.

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The program included a lap pool. This linear element finds directional purpose in its alignment with the 6 million year old Papago Peak six miles away and the center line of the main entry door.

Outpost lap pool4 Outpost lap pool2
Outpost lap pool1
Outpost front door

Who doesn’t relate to the old barn, the wood ruin? There is a beautiful honesty in relinquishing architecture to the uncompromising reality of nature. If the intentions are sincere the architecture will only get better.

Architects: Jones Studio, Inc.
The Outpost, private residence
4,000 sq ft
Date of completion: 2012
Location: Paradise Valley, AZ
Photos by Bill Timmerman

images and information courtesy of Jones Studio, Inc.c and Bill Timmerman