Biden Beats Trump and Kamala Harris is First Woman VP!

NYT headline november 7yth
New York Times front page headline, Saturday, November 7th. We added the flowers 🙂

Spontaneous eruptions of joy have been occurring in the streets this morning. After so much bad news, so much division, hate and anger, we finally opened the paper to see a morning headline that made us smile. No, it didn’t read “Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead.” although it could have. Instead the New York Times posted words half this country has been yearning to hear for months: Biden Beats Trump (admittedly, we added the flowers). Read more

Mike Mitchell’s Anti-Trump Symbol Goes Viral

The Anti-Trump symbol by Austin-based artist Mike Mitchell that takes the number 45 (Donald Trump is the United States’ 45th President) and renders it as a distorted Swastika behind the international “No” symbol, has become a rallying cry for protesters everywhere. Read more

Why I Won’t Unfriend, Unfollow or Block Those With Differing Political Opinions

Why I Won't Unfriend, Unfollow or Block Those With Differing Political Opinions

A lot of people unfriended or blocked those with opposing views on social media regarding the 2016 Presidential election. Unable to stomach their political rants, points-of-view or beliefs, fingers hit the ‘unfollow’ and ‘unfriend’ buttons daily, reducing their exposure to values that were painfully in contrast to their own. Here’s why I have not. Read more

HOLY SH*T (You’ve Got To Vote) – Funny or Die

As we near the voter deadline for the 2016 elections, the hilarious Emmy-winning Rachel Bloom teams up with Moby, Elizabeth Banks and several other celebs to remind us through song and humor that HOLY SH*T (You’ve Got To Vote) Read more

Jay Z and Molly Crabapple ‘The War On Drugs Is An Epic Fail’

Narrated by Jay Z (Shawn Carter) and featuring the artwork of Molly Crabapple, this 4 minute video is part history lesson and part vision statement about the war on drugs. Read more

Meet The 10 Most Heroic and Inspirational Women of 2013.

This year Microsoft / Bing showcased Sara Bareilles’ song “Brave” in their Windows marketing campaign which inspired them to take a different approach to the “Year in Review.” They sought out women who spoke out, stood up, led, persevered and fought their way through adversity and challenge to come through the other side triumphant and created this one minute video and a special website to honor them. Read more