Mike Mitchell’s Anti-Trump Symbol Goes Viral

anti-trump symbol goes viral

The Anti-Trump symbol by Austin-based artist Mike Mitchell that takes the number 45 (Donald Trump is the United States’ 45th President) and renders it as a distorted Swastika behind the international “No” symbol, has become a rallying cry for protesters everywhere.

Mike Mitchell’s Anti-Trump Symbol


Mitchell designed the symbol back in February “I knew I wanted to take on 45, a number he was clearly proud of as he put it on his dumb red USA hat,” Mitchell told Fast Company. “I definitely wanted to try and tarnish it.”

trump swastika

Although shared on social media last February, the image didn’t catch on until A) GQ political correspondent Keith Olbermann shared the symbol on his twitter feed and B) the recent protests of the incident in Charlottesville, when the connection between Trump and Nazism became apparent.

mike mitchell anti-trump symbol

Now people are decorating protest signs with the image, replacing their Facebook profile pic with it and flooding Mike on Twitter with requests for a T-shirt with the symbol. Even Gail Weiss created a quilt with it (see below).

anti trump quilt by gail weiss

Mike has an answer for those who want a T-shirt. He now sells apparel and products with the image through Threadless.

micthell's symbol on products

He’s also created the screenprint shown below of the image which will be available very soon.

Now that the symbol has flooded our streets and our timelines, Mitchell tells FC he has just has one request: “Impeach this idiot already.”

images and information courtesy of Mike Mitchell aka Sir Mitchell and Fast Company

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