Wash Away Covid with Artist Nir Hod’s Nothing Lasts Forever Soaps

nir hod nothing lasts forever soap
Israeli artist Nir Hod has released “Nothing Lasts Forever” bar soaps, 20% of whose proceeds go to support the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) which provides Covid relief Read more

An Art Collection For Your Face. MOCA Artist-Designed Face Masks.

moca artist designed face masks

MOCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, has launched a collection of nine limited-production, Artist-Designed Face Masks (and one of their own) whose proceeds directly support the museum. Read more

Bompas & Parr’s Fountain of Hygiene: Sanitizer Design Competition

bompas and parr fountain of hygiene

With creatives and crafters working from home around the world, Bompas & Parr announced the Fountain of Hygiene: Sanitiser Design Competition. Open to all, the project invited anyone to design inspired takes on sanitizer pumps and washing rituals. Models of the top ten submissions will be auctioned by Christie’s to generate further funds for the British Red Cross. Read more

German Bakery Can Hardly Keep Toilet Paper Cakes In Stock

Toilet Paper Cakes

The Schürener Backparadies, a German bakery and bistro, has been making customers smile during this frightening global pandemic with their cakes shaped like rolls of toilet paper. The demand for the cakes is almost as great as the demand for real toilet paper during this crisis. Read more

DIY Tangerine Peeling Art for The Quarantined.

DIY tangerine peeking art

You’ve done all the puzzles in the house. You’ve cleaned out the junk drawer, replaced the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector and built multiple forts from the sofa cushions and bedsheets. The Quarantine orders to keep from spreading or catching the Coronavirus have you bored to tears and you’re not even one week in. So, now what? Read more

The Care Mask by Jyo John Mulloor

Jyo John Mulloor Care Mask

Given the current Coronavirus Pandemic and the fear it’s inducing, we wanted to share these with you. Not to make light of the serious situation, but rather to put a more friendly face on it, if you will. Read more

Minimalist Art of Celebs Depicts Social Distancing Via Face Time

Social Distancing by Seanadraws

Los Angeles based multi-talented artist Seana Corcoran has not wasted her quarantined captivity for a minute. The Canadian-born Creative Director/Painter/Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Art Director has been busy whipping up this fabulous series of digital art that depicts “Social Distancing” using her wonderful minimalist renderings of celebrities Read more