Flowers Wearing Little Face Masks Are What We Need Right Now.

Flowers Wearing Little Face Masks

I’m tired. And I bet you are, too. It’s been a very difficult year for people on this planet and in this country in particular. Record numbers of deaths from the Coronavirus Pandemic, losing Kobe Bryant to tragedy, polarizing politics, ongoing earthquakes, immigrating Murder Hornets and more. But the last few days have been extra rough with the latest racially-motivated incidents and the unjustified murder of George Floyd. Although we don’t have a solution, we DO have these adorable photos of real flowers donning tiny, tailor-made face masks for you. Maybe it will take a tiny bit of the edge off for you. Maybe.

Flowers Wearing Little Face Masks

flowers wearing little face masks

A project from France’s Christophe Guinet (aka Monsieur Plant) Nature Needs Your Protection is inspired by the current Coronavirus Pandemic. A series of photographs in which living wildflowers are wearing tiny little handmade paper face masks. The name of the project is a double entendre that serves to remind us that nature does indeed need our protection, figuratively if not literally as shown. Assuming you can put aside your personal feelings about mask-wearing, these charming scenes ought to bring you a little smile. Enjoy.

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