German Bakery Can Hardly Keep Toilet Paper Cakes In Stock

Toilet Paper Cakes

The Schürener Backparadies, a German bakery and bistro, has been making customers smile during this frightening global pandemic with their cakes shaped like rolls of toilet paper. The demand for the cakes is almost as great as the demand for real toilet paper during this crisis.

Toilet Paper Cakes

toilet paper cakes

The Coronavirus crisis has people are squirreling away staples and supplies. Some are hoarding them – buying up to twenty packs of toilet paper at once. This led bakery manager Tim Korteüm of The Schürener baking paradise in Dortmund to help fulfill the demand, only with edible toilet paper cakes. And the customers are eating it up.

german toilet paper cakes

“Finally toilet paper!” Writes a customer on Facebook under the posted post of the bakery. “But only one role per customer,” jokes another.

The bakery’s manager, Tim Korteum, came up with the idea while talking to a customer. They initially made only eight of the cakes as a gag, but they were gone within 2 to 3 minutes because everyone in the bakery took a roll home with them. So they made 60, then 80 and have just been trying to keep up. Requests from all over the world are coming in via the internet.

The round marble cakes, wrapped in white fondant, are being churned out at 200 a day. The bakery responds with a good sense of humor “We should probably limit it. Some come in and buy ten cakes straight away. We are baking as fast as we can.”

However, there was a mix-up, laughs Korteum. An older lady was a bit confused, “wanted to buy a pack of ten straight away.” Then he noticed that she thought the toilet paper was real.

While the last pack of wheat or spelled flour is being fought for in supermarkets, there is a large supply at the bakery. A few days ago they announced on their Facebook page: “We continue to offer the full range, seven days a week. As a bakery, we are one of the systemically important food suppliers and we are still open in the event of a disaster to provide the population with food supply.”

Schürener Backparadies is located at Gevelsberger Straße 26 in Dortmund.