An Art Collection For Your Face. MOCA Artist-Designed Face Masks.

moca artist designed face masks

MOCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, has launched a collection of nine limited-production, Artist-Designed Face Masks (and one of their own) whose proceeds directly support the museum.

MOCA Artist-Designed Face Masks

moca masks

The nine limited production masks have been designed by Virgil Abloh, Mark Grotjahn, Alex Israel, Barbara Kruger, Yoko Ono, Catherine Opie, Pipilotti Rist, Hank Willis Thomas, and The Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts. Each is handmade in Los Angeles.

Virgil Abloh, “Still Speaks Loudly” 2020
Catherine Opie face mask for MOCA
Catherine Opie “Bo from Being and Having (detail)”
Mark Grotjahn MOCA face Mask IIHIH
Mark Grotjahn “Untitled (Creamsicle Covid 19)”

Digitally printed on polyester, embroidered on denim or silkscreened on cotton, all the masks have 100% cotton linings and are designed for comfort and ease of wear without sacrificing on safety.

Alex Israel mask for MOCA IIHIH
Alex Israel’s “Mask for MOCA comes with 2 detachable pins
Barbara Kruger face mask for MOCA IIHIH
Barbara Kruger “Untitled (Better Safe Than Sorry)”

With one closed loop at the top and ties at the bottom, this mask can be put on effortlessly and tied securely when needed.

Pipilotti Rist face mask for MOCA
Pipilotti Rist “Smart Yuji”
Yono Oko face mask for MOCA IIHIH
Yoko Ono “A Piece of Sky”

Made with two layers of fabric, they feature an interior pocket with open sides so customers can insert their own filter for extra protection.

Andy Warhol Flowers Face Mask for MOCA IIHIH
Andy Warhol “Flowers”
Hank Willis Thomas face mask for MOCA IIHIH
Hank Willis Thomas “Life, Handle with Care”

This mask shape is meant to fit a wide range of faces comfortably and securely, including children over 10 years old.

Wearing a face mask to slow the spread of Covid-19 shows that you care.

MOCA denim face mask
MOCA’s own Denim Face Mask, only available in the full set

You can purchase a complete set of the 9 plus MOCA Mask for $280.00 or shop for each individually here.

– Sublimation print on 100% polyester micro-fiber, embroidery on 100% cotton denim, silkscreen on 100% cotton, with 100% cotton lining.

– Cotton thread.

– Non-medical grade face mask, not intended for clinical use.

– Reusable.

– Closed loop on top, tie on the bottom.

– Wash before first use and after every wear. Hand wash with detergent and line dry, do not bleach.

– The masks are handmade by Citizens of Humanity in Los Angeles, CA.


MOCA Masks