The Care Mask by Jyo John Mulloor

Jyo John Mulloor Care Mask

Given the current Coronavirus Pandemic and the fear it’s inducing, we wanted to share these with you. Not to make light of the serious situation, but rather to put a more friendly face on it, if you will.

Jyo John Mulloor Care Masks

The Care Mask® is a concept by Dubai based digital artist and art director Jyo John Mulloor. Designed to help put patients and people at ease and remove the stigma associated with the typical hospital face mask, his digitally altered Care Masks lighten the mood for adults and children alike, while still maintaining the necessary degree of protection.

Here’s a little video for you to share on social media, if you’d like:

These would certainly make a doctor coming at you with a syringe or worse, a little less frightening. Hope you’re all keeping yourselves – and others – germ free. Stay at home. Read this blog, we’ve got thousands of posts to keep you busy!

There are some manufactures that make printed face masks, you can find those here on Amazon.

See more of his work: Jyo John Mulloon

Stay Well!