Supercars Painted With LED Lights Continue To Gain Speed.

Supercars painted with LED lights

Marc Cameron and photographer Mark Brown teamed up to create a series of “Light Painted” sports cars shot at well known locales in London. The Light Graffiti Supercars by Marc Cameron and Mark Brown initially launched in November 2009, the ongoing project continues as they add more and newer cars to their series, including a series of F1 (Formula One) race cars.

Light Graffiti Supercars by Marc Cameron and Mark Brown

Below are several images from the series of Light Graffiti Cars, including many of the newest ones.

Ariel Atom:
Light Graffiti Supercars by Marc Cameron and Mark Brown

Aston Martin Cygnet:

Bugatti Veyron Supersport:

Ford GT40:
Car art

Holden Efigy:
holden effigy

Koenigsegg-CCX art

Lamborghini Gallardo:
Lamborghini Gallardo

Lexus LFA:
Lexus LFA

Mastretta MXT:
Mastretta MXT

McLaren MP4 12c:
McLaren MP4 12c

Mercedes SL500 Brabus:
Mercedes SL500 Brabus

Mercedes SLR McLaren:
Mercedes SLR McLaren led painting

Mercedes SLS AMG:
Mercedes SLS AMG light painting

Pagani Huayra:
Pagani Huayra light painting

Porsche 918 Spyder:
porsche spyder

TVR Tuscan:
led paintings

VW Beetle:
car art

VW Camper/Bus:
VW camper bus

Formula 1 Race Cars:

“Light painting” or “light graffiti” is a complicated process that involves using LED lights to draw an outline that a camera with a slow shutter speed then captures. Using extended exposures Mark Brown is able to step in front of the lens and paint with light using the camera as a canvas. He them uses photographed components as backgrounds for the images. Nothing is digitally generated, only composited.

The Official Light Graffiti site

These images and more are available as prints here