The Sarco Offers Suicide In 3D Printed Style.

Sarco euthanasia pod

Philip Nitschke, founder and director of Exit International, together with Industrial Designer Alexander Bannink have come up with the Sarco, a stylish Euthanasia pod. The high-tech sarcophagus provides peaceful conditions under which one can elect to end their own life without assistance.

Sarco Euthanasia Pod

Sarco Euthanasia Pod
The Euthanasia machine will be operable by voice or eye movement if necessary
Philip Nitschke and Alex Bannink
Philip Nitschke and Alex Bannink, the men behind the Sarco

After two years in development and six months in production, the world’s first fully-3D printed Sarco Euthanasia Pod went on display at Venice Design 2019.

Sarco Euthanasia Pod

Sarco Euthanasia Pod

The Sarco was inspired by Tony Nicklinson, the British man who suffered from Locked-in syndrome and begged to be allowed to be released from his living nightmare by assisted (Euthanasia) or self-administered suicide, but was denied the right.

Tony Nicklinson, right, and his wife as the rejection of his request for help in ending his life was read. Credit Matt Cardy/Getty Images

In an effort to remove the stigma from Euthanasia, the Sarco has an elegant aesthetic, almost like a futuristic automobile. Its design invokes a sense of travel – perfect for one’s last voyage, if you will. (see our picks for the best Modern Coffins here)

design for death

The sleek modern-looking capsule is 3D printed and made from a biodegradable wood amalgam.

It was designed to produce a hypoxic death: a rapid decrease in oxygen level while maintaining a low CO2 level, creating the conditions for a peaceful, even euphoric, death.

Sarco will be printed from a biodegradable wood amalgam and its upper part can be detached and used as a coffin.

Those with disabilities or partial paralysis from diseases like ALS and MND will be able to operate the Sarco by either voice control or eye movement.

Other design considerations were to devise a system that requires
• No specialized skills or involvement to use.
• No sourcing of difficult-to-obtain drugs.
• No need for medical involvement (e.g. with the insertion of an intravenous cannula).

The Sarco is not and will not be for sale. The basic plans will be made available free on open source on the Internet. Detailed technical specifications will be published in future updates to The Peaceful Pill eHandbook. It will be up to the individual concerned to source a 3D printer and the requisite liquid nitrogen.

images and information courtesy of Alexander Bannink Industrial Design, Exit International and Sarco

The goal of Sarco is to remove the need for any assistance. This ensures any use of the Sarco is legal. Visit Sarco for more information.

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