Cleverly Packaged Father’s Day Gifts For Design Savvy Dads

Father's Day Gifts 2019

Father’s Day is less than 2 weeks away and if you’ve not yet bought him that tie/toolset/BBQ grill yet, here’s a bunch of cool products, nicely designed and cleverly packaged as gift sets – and they’re available to purchase online via Amazon, so you won’t have any excuse for dropping the Dad ball on June 16th.

Father’s Day Gifts

Whether it’s grooming products, grilling products, hot sauces or cocktail mixers, these product selections for Father’s Day Gifts are highly rated, aesthetically pleasing products ranging in price. And all available to order online and arrive in time for Father’s Day, June 16th.

We can’t talk about Father’s Day Gifts without mentioning Man Crates. Man Crates has received thousands of verified, five-star reviews on Amazon and has been featured on the Today Show, NBC, Fox and The Wall Street Journal. They sell everything from Knife Making Kits to Pizza Grilling Kits .

One of our favorites is their Man Crates Ultimate Grilling Crate with Wood Chips, Smoker Box, Sauce and Tenderizer:

Included are some of the best accessories that every man needs to get that Grillionaire status, including: Tenderizer, Cast Iron Smoker Box, Set of 4 Steak Thermometers, Dried Hickory Wood Chips, Original BBQ Sauce, Carolina Bold BBQ Sauce, and Premium Spice Blend. Your “Ultimate Grilling” collection comes sealed in a wooden 11″ x 11″ Man Crate.

You’ll both get a laugh as he figures out how to crack open his gift with the included crowbar.
Fun fact: it takes the average Man Crate customer 15 minutes to open their gift. Beat that.
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The Man Crates Jerky Tool Box

When Dad’s in need of a hunger fix, make sure he’s got the right tools for the job: delicious jerky bites and meat sticks that are sure to make him drool. Fix his ravenous hunger pangs with the Jerky Tool Box. Meat sticks (each 1 oz) include: O.G. Hickory, Che-potle, Habanero, and Bar-B-Que.

The fun toolkit-shaped box contains a curated selection of the finest flavored jerky. He’ll enjoy ten savory, seasoned beef jerky flavors (each .5 oz.) including: garlic, ghost pepper, habanero, black pepper, root beer, root beer habanero, whiskey maple, honey bourbon and sesame ginger.
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Shop other Jerky and Smoked Meats boxes from Man Crates here

Coastal Cocktail Mixers

This set of Summer Cocktail Mixers includes six 2.3oz bottles in Tropical Flavors: Margarita, Pina Colada, Mai Tai, Mojito, Blue Hawaiian, and Caipirinha. Packaged in an old Woody, they make a great gift for the Summer sun-loving, cocktail-sipping, surfer Dad.

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The Good Hurt Fuego: Gift Set of 7 Hot Sauces

Appropriately bundled like sticks of dynamite, these 7 sampler bottles of exotic hot sauces include: Garlic Herb, Smokey Burbon, Garlic Pepper, Chipotle Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Whiskey Habanero, and Ghost Pepper. These hot sauces range ranges from mild for those who just want a little bit of a kick, to blazing hot for even the bravest hot sauce lovers.

Chipotle pepper for tacos, Smokey Bourbon for BBQ, Garlic Herb for Pizza, Garlic Pepper for Wings, and Cayenne Pepper for eggs, Garlic Herb for seafood, and Ghost pepper for Thai food. These 7 different hot sauce bottle varieties are here to satisfy any daring culinary explorers.
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For the Manly Men one must consider the great gifts from Duke Cannon. They’re hilariously named products and great graphics make any of their gift sets a memorable present. But for our money, these two soap sets of theirs will put a smile on dad’s face and a fun scent on his bod.

The Duke Cannon WWII Era Collection of Men’s Big Brick of Soap: Accomplishment, Victory, Naval Supremacy, and Productivity
The Duke Cannon Big Brick of Men’s Soap (Set of 4) comes in Limited Edition WWII Era Packaging.

Accomplishment: Black Soap Bar has scent of Bergamot & Black Pepper. This incredibly masculine scent evokes a feeling of drinking a fine scotch in a wood-paneled den Not for clowns. At 10 ounces our soap bar is 3x bigger than feminine soaps. Steel cut grains for max gripability and manly exfoliation. A Portion of Proceeds Benefits U.S. Veterans. Cruelty-Free Soap. Made in the USA
Victory: Green Soap Bar smells awesome (clean, fresh scent with a hint of grass). If you enjoy activities like drinking American beer or using power tools, then frankly, this is the only soap meant for you
Naval Supremacy: Blue Soap Bar has refreshing Ocean Scent with a package sporting the official colors of the U.S. Navy. The scent is inspired by navigating the high seas
Productivity: White Soap Bar has scent of fresh, energizing Mint. For the early rising man who leads a life of productivity, Duke Cannon created a soap with a hint of menthol to cool the skin and wake you up
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The Duke Cannon Beer and Bourbon Soap Set

If dad is a fan of Buffalo Trace Whiskey or Old Milwaukee Beer, this is the gift for him.
Duke Cannon Soap Set includes: (1) Duke Cannon Big American Bourbon Soap + (1) Duke Cannon Big Ass Beer Soap
Big Ass Beer Soap: Made with Old Milwaukee Beer, doesn’t smell like beer. Has a woodsy, Sandalwood scent
Big American Bourbon Soap: Made with delicious Buffalo Trace Bourbon. Unique, Oak Barrel Scent is masculine and outstanding, but not overpowering.

• At 10 Ounces the Duke Cannon soap bar is 3x bigger than feminine soaps. Our soaps are designed to meet the high standards of hard working men who want to get clean + smell good without using feminine shower gels.
• A portion of the proceeds benefits U.S. Veterans. Our products are never tested on animals, just bad interns. Made in the USA.
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Acme Crate Essencial EDC 30 Cal. Ammo Can Gift Set

The Essentials Crate is truly a no nonsense EDC mini kit. Discrete, easy to carry essentials. Perfect for tackling everyday basic needs or foundational gear that can make the difference when the moment counts. When all is said and done, a shot from the hip flask to remind you why it is so important to be prepared.

This Acme Crate is delivered straight to your door in an authentic U.S. Military issued 30 cal ammo can. The can measures 10in x 3-1/2in x 7in. and includes the following:
• SE Hip Flask, 6oz Capacity: 6 oz, Stainless steel with attached screw cap.
• Pocket Tool: With so much functionality in one pocket-sized device, this 11-in-1 survival tool can be used anytime, anywhere—while camping, hiking, biking, at school, at work, at home, with all sorts of activities and situations.
• Knife: Handyman Knife Club Folder 3″ closed. 2 3/8″ stainless pen blade with nail nick. Black wood handles with nickel silver bolsters and ball chain lanyard makes the perfect light weight edc knife.
• Keychain: a stainless steel jump/key/split ring on a black woven lanyard
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Man Stuff Gift Set – Unscented Bath and Body for Men

Man Stuff, Inc. makes products for men were developed for the man who wants to feel clean, not scented. This Gift Set includes three great products:
• Man Lotion (Hand, Face and Body Lotion): no fru-fru smell or greasy residue
• Man Wash (Shampoo and Body Wash): clean hair and smooth skin in one bottle
• Man Rinse (Hair and Beard Conditioner): Keeps his beard and hair touch-ably soft and manageable.
Made in the USA for men, with no parabens, no petroleum by-products and never tested on animals. Give your man a gift he will use every day.
Buy the set here.

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