The Sarco Offers Suicide In 3D Printed Style.

Philip Nitschke, founder and director of Exit International, together with Industrial Designer Alexander Bannink have come up with the Sarco, a stylish Euthanasia pod. The high-tech sarcophagus provides peaceful conditions under which one can elect to end their own life without assistance. Read more

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Remembered Through His Films, Quotes and Photos.

Philip Seymour Hoffman remembered
photo by Mark Abrahams

All of a sudden my blogging about Super Bowl spots seems so shallow and insignificant. That’s because we lost one of the greatest actors of all time this Sunday Morning. Read more

Modern Caskets For Your Body And Soul. The 2014 Equinox Collection from Camaquen.

Camaquen caskets

I’m not a morbid person, despite having written about modern casket options before. Read more

The Million Dollar Mermaid Swims Out Of Our Lives. All About The Lovely Esther Williams. (35 photos)

Esther Williams hero IIHIH

Most of my readers are too young to know who Esther Williams was. But if you like bathing beauties, pin-up girls, singing, acting, swimming, big production numbers (Busby Berkeley) and corny romances, you’ll want to know more about the legend we just lost at the age of 91. Read more

30 Pieces of Poignant and Uncensored Art by US War Veterans.

uncensored art by war veterans at if its hip its here
above: Autobiography (02) by Maurice Costello

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I wanted to share with you some moving pieces of sculpture and art by US War Veterans. Read more

Cute Characters Die An Ugly Death In The Compelling Crochet Sculptures of Patricia Waller.

We often think of knit or crocheted objects made with yarn, cotton and wool as cozy, comforting, even grandma-esque. But the works of artist Patricia Waller will most certainly shift that paradigm.

above: Sesame Street’s Ernie is drinking himself to death and Spongebob is about to electrocute himself in two pieces from Waller’s most recent Broken Heroes collection.

With collections named Broken Heroes, Bad Luck, How To Kill Your First Love and Accidents, her works feature loveable icons, dolls and cute little animals in dire straits or dying a brutal death. Teddy bears, duckies, bunnies and the like are stabbed, bludgeoned and bleeding while recognizable characters like Winnie The Pooh, Miss Piggy, Bugs and Spiderman find themselves meeting an ugly demise. Hello Kitty commits Seppuku, Tweety Bird becomes Chicken Soup and Bambi gets the axe.

Simultaneously disturbing and compelling, I had to share some of her pieces with you.

Below are some pieces from her Broken Heroes and Bad Luck Collections:

Some pieces from her Happy Gardening Collection:

Some pieces from her How To Kill Your First Love Collection:

and finally, two pieces from her Accidents Collection:

Born in Chile, Patricia Waller now lives and works in Germany:

In the artist’s own words:

“My ambiguous universe wrought from our turbulent modern existence is focused on art, commerce, technology, and pop culture. In a subversive tongue-in-cheek manner, I mix together the absurd and the bizarre, careful observations of everyday life and an interest in humanity, to create the different phases of my work.

Due to the technique of crocheting, traditionally a handcraft that is carried out in the intimacy of a cozy home, my artworks seem harmless at first sight.

But if you take a closer look, you will discover biting irony and a strong dose of nastiness.” — Patricia Weller

See more of her work here

Remembering Eva Zeisel 1906-2012. Her Life and Her Work.

remembering eva zeisel

The world lost a legend on December 30th when Eva Zeisel died at the age of 105. In honor of her passing, I am reprinting a post I wrote on her amazing life and work in April of 2010. Read more