Breaking Bulbs Are 3D Printed Lamps That Appear Smashed.

breaking bulbs 3d lamps

The Breaking Bulbs lighting project is a range of 3D printed lamps by Joakim Christoffersson of Swedish company Gässling. Each of the unusual 3D lamps (a wall, a table/floor and a pendant lamp) is designed to appear as though it’s been frozen in time; captured during that split second in time when an object is destroyed on impact. Read more

3D Printed Textscapes by Artist Hongtao Zhou

Textscapes by Hongtao Zhou

It was the Chinese who first invented the reproduction of text using woodblocks during the Tang Dynasty. Today Chinese Artist Hongtao Zhou brings the concept of printing text into the present by using 3D printing to generate letter-sized artworks that visually represent the subject matter of the text itself in his Textscapes. Read more

The Sarco Offers Suicide In 3D Printed Style.

Philip Nitschke, founder and director of Exit International, together with Industrial Designer Alexander Bannink have come up with the Sarco, a stylish Euthanasia pod. The high-tech sarcophagus provides peaceful conditions under which one can elect to end their own life without assistance. Read more

Pam Is The First Attractive 3D Printer To Hit The Market

3D printing is growing by leaps and bounds but until I saw Pam, a new advanced 3D printer from Paris-based Pollen AM, I thought they were all so ugly. Pam, crafted of wood, is the first attractive 3D printer. One I’d be proud to leave out. Read more

Morgan Studio & Studio Integrate Debut Rio 3D Printed Furniture


Rio, a collaboration between by Morgan Studio & Studio Integrate, combines traditional furniture craft with innovative 3D printed components. Read more

The 2016 Oscar Statuette: Made With 3D Printing For The First Time.

2016 Oscar Statuettes Made With 3D Printing

Previously I featured a detailed post on the process of the making of the Oscar statuette by Chicago’s R.S. Owens & Company, as they had for the past 34 years. But as of 2016 Oscar has finally stepped into the future. For the first time ever, this year’s statuettes utilize 3D printing technology and in this if it’s hip, it’s here exclusive I’m going to walk you through each step of the new and updated process of creating the coveted awards. Read more

3D Printing Meets 19th Century Porcelain: Modern Lithophane Lights

3D Printed Ceramic Lights by Beth Lewis-Willams

London-based designer Beth Lewis-Williams combines the romance of 19th century diffused lit porcelain lithophanes with today’s 3D printing techniques, contemporary urban scenery and the latest in LED lighting. Read more

Skyline Chess Launches Their First Set with London’s Most Iconic Architecture

Skyline Chess Set London

Founded by London designers Ian Flood and Chris Prosser, Skyline Chess combines their love of architecture and chess by turning the game pieces into various cities’ most architectural icons. Read more