An Ode to Non-Moms on Mother’s Day (or Happy Non-Mother’s Day To Me)

Ode to Non-Moms on Mother's Day

It’s Mother’s Day. The day when more flowers are sold, more cards delivered and more phone calls made than on any other day of the year. But what about those of us without children today? No brunch, no cards, no kisses. Should we be sad?

Ode to Non-Moms on Mother’s Day

I took inventory of my child-less life today and realized there are several things I enjoy about not having offspring, despite my love of children. Here are just some of them.

Happy Non-Mother's Day To Me

Of course, like all of us, I do have a mother of my own whom I love dearly and wish her a wonderful Mother’s Day filled with kisses.

My Mom and I on her 80th birthday, 2017

Wishing Moms and Non-Moms alike a Happy Mother’s Day.

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