More Beautiful Wildlife Moms and Their Babies for Mother’s Day

I wasn’t actually going to put up a post for Mother’s Day today, but I simply couldn’t help myself once I stumbled upon an old folder of great photos of wild animal moms and babies hidden in the bowels of my Mac. A few years back we shared with you touching familial wildlife photos by Suzi Esterhaz. This time, some of the images are from unknown photographers. Should you know who to credit, please let us know. In the meantime, get ready to feel warm all over…..

More Wildlife Moms and Babies for Mother’s Day

Wildlife Moms and Babies
Lion mother and her white lion cub Photo Tobias Kleinschmidt/AFP/Getty
New Okapi calf and Mommy aka the “forest giraffe” in the Ituri Forest of the Democratic Republic
Mama and baby Reindeer
Cheetah Mom and Cub
Mother Elephant and baby calf
Sloth and Baby Sloth at the Lincoln Zoo.
Otter and pup
Polar bear playing with her cub. photo: Anton Belovodchenk
Mama and Baby Anteater
Orca and Calf
Giraffe and newborn (photo: Eastcott Momatiuk Getty Images)
Koala and Baby Koala
Mare and Colt

Lioness and Cub

Rhino and Calf

Gorilla with Baby Gorilla
Pygmy Hippo and calf
Mama and Baby Lamb
Jaguar licks her one-week-old cub at the National Zoo, in Managua Photo: Elmer Martinez /AFP/Getty
A new Emperor Tamarin with his Mama

Happy Mother’s Day!

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