Military Inspired Art, Products and Design For Memorial Day Weekend.

military inspired art and design

For this Memorial Day Weekend, here’s a selection of various posts related to Military inspired art and design objects and home decor. Each post is an in-depth look at something inspired by those who served, their dedication and bravery.

Military Inspired Art and Design

Army men jewelry, a custom porcelain Soldier chandelier for a highly secure Military base, provocative fine art by US War Veterans and more. Here are links to each of the eight posts in honor of this Memorial Day Weekend.

•Artistic Interpretations of The American Flag.

American Flag art Military-inspired art and design

•Saluting Design: An Army Of Military-Inspired Products & Modern Art.

military-inspired home decor

•’Made In China’ Is A Soldier’s Portrait Created With Over 5500 Plastic Toy Soldiers.

made in china

•Capturing Toy Soldiers With Mini Blue Helmets All Over The World.

miniscule blue helmets

•30 Pieces of Poignant and Uncensored Art by U.S. Veterans of War.

US Veteran's art

•Pride of Soldiers, A Scabetti Sculpture in A Highly Secure Military Location.

pride of soldiers scabetti

•Army Men Jewelry from Knight&Hammer Benefits the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

military inspired jewelry

•Casualties Of War: Provocative and Compelling Versions of Plastic Toy Soldiers.

Military Inspired Art and Design

God Bless All Those Who Have and Are Bravely Serving Our Country. Happy Memorial Day.

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