Armed With Household Objects, Meet The Domestic Soldiers.

domestic soldiers are armed with household chores

San Francisco based artist and designer Noa Batle has turned the typical toy soldier into a merchant of the mundane. His “Domestic Soldiers” are an artistic spin on the classic cultural icon, armed with household objects instead of weapons. Read more

Military Inspired Art, Products and Design For Memorial Day Weekend.

military inspired art and design

For this Memorial Day Weekend, here’s a selection of various posts related to Military inspired art and design objects and home decor. Each post is an in-depth look at something inspired by those who served, their dedication and bravery. Read more

Memorial Day Posts: Military Inspired Design, Art and Objects.

memorial day

Over the past few years I have written various posts related to Memorial Day and Military-related or inspired objects and art. Each post is an in-depth look at something inspired by those who serve, dedication and bravery. Read more

Army Men Jewelry from Knight&Hammer Benefits the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

What better jewelry to post about on Memorial Day than a collection of ‘Army Men’ inspired rings and necklaces whose purchase benefits those who gave so commendably to their country? Read more

Toy Boarders – A Peaceful Twist On Toy Soldiers For A New Generation.

AJ's original Toy Boarders

Move over green Army Men, now we’ve got green thrashers to play with. AJ’s original Toy Boarders are skate, surf and snowboard inspired plastic action figures that – like little classic toy soldiers, are plastic, green and ignite the imagination – but unlike toy soldiers, do not promote violence. Read more

Casualties of War Toy Soldiers: Provocative and Compelling Edition of Miniatures.

Dorothy-Casualties-of-War-Toy-Soldiers hero IIHIH

Casualties of War Toy Soldiers are provocative miniatures created by Dorothy for a Colorado Springs Gazette article entitled “Casualties of War” and are now available for purchase. Read more

Capturing Toy Soldiers With Mini Blue Helmets All Over The World.

The engaging interactive Miniscule Blue Helmets on a Massive Quest was spearheaded by designer Pierre Derks, a project which has also spawned a new book. Read more