Banksy Posts New Painting In Support Of Protests Against Racism

new bansky protest painting

British street artist Banksy posted a new artwork on his Instagram account today along with some written words in support of the protests in the U.S. and all around the world demanding sweeping police reform and an end to racism. Read more

Distorted American Flag Sculptures for a Distorted America

Each year around the fourth of July, we try to introduce you to some sort of creative form of patriotism and this year is no different. Meet artist Paul Rousso, an American artist based in North Carolina who combines realism with abstraction in his oversized sculpted representations of everything from candy wrappers to cigarette packs. But since today is July 4th we are sharing with you his series of distorted American Flags, hand sculpted of styrene or acrylic. Read more

Military Inspired Art, Products and Design For Memorial Day Weekend.

military inspired art and design

For this Memorial Day Weekend, here’s a selection of various posts related to Military inspired art and design objects and home decor. Each post is an in-depth look at something inspired by those who served, their dedication and bravery. Read more

Memorial Day Posts: Military Inspired Design, Art and Objects.

memorial day

Over the past few years I have written various posts related to Memorial Day and Military-related or inspired objects and art. Each post is an in-depth look at something inspired by those who serve, dedication and bravery. Read more

The American Flag Made of Toy Soldiers, Sneakers, Legos, Eyeglasses and More.

Artistic American Flags
above: detail from Dave Cole’s American flag made of melted toy soldiers and paint.

In honor of this year’s Fourth of July, I’m sharing with you some artistic interpretations of the United States National Flag. Read more