Chatty Feet Launches Paper Artist Sculptures

chatty feet paper artist sculptures

Chatty Feet, purveyors of fun socks for men, women and children, have just launched Chatty Feet Paper Artist Sculptures. A series of fold-them-yourself paper characters in the likenesses of 6 world-known artists that when assembled become 3D models you can display.

Chatty Feet Paper Artist Sculptures

Chatty Feet Paper Artist Sculptures

Now you can have a mini version of an inspirational artist adorning your walls. The fun and easy to craft paper sculptures come in the adorable likenesses of Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, David Hockney, Piet Mondrian, Salvador Dali and Yayoi Kusama. Each stands about 11.5 cm (or 4.5”) when completed and look adorable on display or when wall mounted.

Frida Card-o:
frida kahlo paper character

Vincent Van Fold:
vincent van gogh paper character

David Fold-Me:
paper model of david hockney

Chatty Feet Paper Artist Sculptures

Fold-Vador Dali:
slavador dali paper sculpture

salvador dali paper character model

Yayoi Origami:
paper sculpture of Yayoi Kusama

Chatty Feet Paper Artist Sculptures

Papier Mondrian:
paper sculpture of piet mondrian

3D paper sculptures of artists

Each character takes around 15 minutes to build and is suitable for adults and kids 12+. Dimensions of each average 11.5cm tall and 8cm wide.

Made in the UK, each costs $10 USD each (subject to change) and ships globally.

Chatty Feet Paper Artist Sculptures

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