Wedgie: Hand-painted Door Stops Inspired By Pop Culture Icons

Wedgie Door Stops

Wedgies are hand-painted wooden door stops inspired by the likenesses of well-known musicians, artists and other pop culture icons. Making them even more attractive is the fact that the door stops are made and hand-painted by men and women in Sri Lanka’s rural areas as part of an ethical incentive plan. Read more

Chatty Feet Launches Paper Artist Sculptures

chatty feet paper artist sculptures

Chatty Feet, purveyors of fun socks for men, women and children, have just launched a line of fold-them-yourself Paper Characters: 6 world-known artists that when assembled become 3D models you can display. Read more

Frida Fandom! Pics from Frida Fest at the DMA.

Frida Kahlo Fans at Frida Fest

Look at all the Fridas! More than 1,000 men, women and children attended Frida Fest at the DMA (Dallas Museum of Art) in full costume Thursday night to celebrate the life and legacy of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. The Museum is presently showing México 1900–1950: Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, José Clemente Orozco, and the Avant-Garde – a major exhibition exploring 50 years of Mexican modern art which coincided with what would have been the 110th birthday of the world’s best known Latina artist. Read more

12 Amazing Non-Moms Who Make Me Feel Better About Being Childless on Mother’s Day.

famous childless women

There’s nothing worse than being single on New Year’s Eve. Unless, of course, you are childless on Mother’s Day. For those of us who do not have children of our own on this holiday, the media saturated imagery of little ones bringing mommy breakfast in bed (usually with handsome daddy’s help) or adorable freckled faces without front teeth presenting crudely drawn crayon renderings of happy families can be torture. Read more