Sweet! Snoop Collaborates With Dunkin’ Donuts For Athleisure Collection.

 Snoop X Dunkin' Donuts

Snoop Dogg and Dunkin Donuts have just dropped a sweet athleisure collection. The seven unisex items range from a beanie to a bomber jacket and all herald the great and mighty donut. Read on to see the full collection and prices.

Snoop X Dunkin’ Donuts Collection

Snoop Dogg x Dunkin Donuts Collection

Snoop Dogg — The Beyond Meat® Ambassador for the donut chain, created a plant-based sausage sandwich on a glazed donut for Dunkin’ Donuts last November. Now he’s teamed up with them again, but this time it’s for a collection of unisex casual wear.

Snoop x Dunkin Donuts Collection

The OG Dunkin’ Short Sleeve Shirt Price $20.00
dunkin donuts apparel

snoop dogg clothing for dunkin donuta

The OG Dunkin’ Beanie Price $20.00
The OG Dunkin' Beanie

Glazzzed for Days Tracksuit Jacket & Pants Price $85.00
glazzzed for days

snoop x dd track jacket

snoop x dd track jacket

snoop x dunkin green track pants

Peace, Donuts, Plants Bomber JacketPeace, Donuts, Plants Bomber Jacket Price $80.00
snoop x dd Peace, Donuts, Plants Bomber Jacket

Peace, Donuts, Plants Bomber Jacket

Chrysanthemum D-O-Double Glazed Long Sleeve ShirtPrice $30.00
double glazed

donut lovers clothing

D-O-Double Glazed Sweatshirt Price $40.00
fast food apparel

DD Double Glazed Joggers

D-O-Double Glazed JoggersPrice $45.00
Snoop x Dunkin donuts glazzzzzy sweats white

clothes for donut lovers

Shop the entire SNOOP X BYND X DUNKIN’ Collection here