ChattyFeet Tickles Our Toes With New Artist Inspired Socks

About two years ago I introduced you to the fun socks for Movie and Art Lovers from a company named ChattyFeet. Last week, Gil from the UK brand generously sent me their latest gift set of Artist-inspired designs containing four pair of combed cotton socks honoring more of the 20th century’s greatest creators.

ChattyFeet Artist Socks

Having already introduced you to Feetcasso, Andy Sock-hole, Frida callus and Vincent van Toe, I’m thrilled to share with you these new ones.

The latest Artist’s Collection from ChattyFeet includes adorable and comfortable knee socks that are a nod to late artists Michel Basquiat, Piet Mondrian, Salvador Dali and Jackson Pollock. As always, they have clever names, cute packaging and inventive designs. The well made socks feature the designs on both the top and bottom and because the artwork appears only on the feet, some of them can be worn to a conservative workplace with dress shoes and no one is the wiser.


Feet Mondrian:

Sole-Adore Dali:

Jackson Pollsock:

And definitely worth a mention are the David Sock-Knees inspired by none other than David Hockney, of course:

ChattyFeet sells socks many adorable socks for men, women and children.