What is a “Good” Mom?

mother typography by amadeus malmen
Typography by Almadeus Malmen

It’s Mother’s Day.
I know a lot of Moms.
And I know that just being a Mother by definition doesn’t naturally make you a good one. Can you say Joan Crawford or Dee Dee Blanchard?

What is a “Good” Mom?

Being a “Good” Mom implies a real responsibility. A positive and healthy form of love for another. A wanting and willingness to work at educating and fostering something other than yourself to its full potential. Its requirements are many; among them nurturing, stability and patience. It means a willingness to listen, to learn and to make mistakes. Understanding, practice, consistency, availability. A lot of time, tears and tension as well as pride, astonishment and joy.

Taking that into consideration, I know a lot of “Good” Moms that don’t even have children.

Instead they have students, nieces and nephews, the offspring of friends and neighbors. Some have dogs or cats, horses or a ferret or two. There are those who have sculpture, photography or poetry. Others have vegetable gardens or flower beds or loaves of sourdough.

I’ve seen these friends, artists, teachers, gardeners, bakers and more put as much blood, sweat and tears into nurturing and caring for “their babies” as passionately and protectively as many a human mom. So here’s to wishing all “Good” Moms, of every kind, a very Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mothers Day To All Nurturing Souls.

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